Friday, June 21, 2013

Look Beautiful, Organically!!

This month has been full of exclusive reviews. Sometimes, book, and sometimes Beauty. Ah, this word itself activates our sense organs, and even you as a reader feel eager to know what exactly are we talking about, this time...
Before we begin with our feature, let's do some quick Q&A. Have you ever tried a lipstick whose core ingredient is ghee (clarified butter), or a shower gel which has Amla as it's main fragrance, or a kohl that's made out of handmade carbon, collected out of the oil lamp? Chances are that almost all of you will first be truly surprised as to what we are taking about, and will gradually realize that this have never been an experience, even in the wildest imagination!
 Lipstick That Cares too!
Soul Tree, a latest in the Beauty segment, organic and ayurvedic in nature, is one of our latest tried & tested. We could have added a lot of unnecessary adjectives to the products that we tried, but some product, precisely the brands do all the talking. And, Soul Tree seems to be one of them. Why? First, this is India's first and only brand that has got the seal of BDIH, Germany. To elaborate further, this standard specifies requirements relating to how the ingredients used in the cosmetics should be obtained and produced and to the way they are processed. It also takes particular account of the concerns of animal welfare and species protection. So, we were assured, and decided to give this brand a try!
The first we tried was the organic lipstick, one of the faves of women. Unlike other lipsticks, it had a different fragrance, which was good, rather women friendly. Since their is no chemical involved, rather some unexpected natural ingredients, you use it in a relaxed way. We noticed that it takes quite a few good strokes to make it look visible on the lips (as we tired the lightest shade), but once on your lips, it's just not going anywhere. It sticks well, and doesn't bleed at all, despite ghee as it's major component. All and all, we loved it!
A Kohl That Guarantees Safety & is Soothing...

There were quite a few products that we tried other than this, skipping Kohl this time. Women love shower gels, and if it's summer season, then there is all the more desire for it. While the brand has some really great fragrances, and rose being one of them, we decided to go with Amla, as we were testing the brand. This shower gel is not only about amla, but has aloe vera, and manjishtha as well. Unless you know how they smell, you cannot make out their presence. It's Amla that can be felt easily. This is one of the shower gels that will cleanse your body thoroughly, without utilizing litres of water, which most of the chemical-based gels end up with. They have those fantastic fragrances, but you never feel like cleansed 100%. With Soul Tree, you are sure that your skin has no remains of the gel, and if you really want to see the result of the cleansing, just pay attention to the lather that get's drained, it takes away your dirt, and it's visible.

The last that we tried was their hair oil, something that we personally were looking forward to reviewing, as there is a serious dearth of authentic hair oils, particularly in the Indian market.

The oil smells great. That's the first thing that we noticed, despite the ingredients like brahmi and amla
2-3 drops of this oil, and your locks are ready for any styling. And, if you are tired by the end of the day, simply take 12-15 drops of oil, massage gently on your scalp, leave overnight, and wash in morning using a mild shampoo. It is a bign reliever for an itchy scalp, probably even for dandruff (though we didn't have that problem, so can't say). as far as it's effects on the hair growth are concerned, it would be too early to talk about it. 
Later, we also spoke to Vishal Bhandri, Founder, and Swati Kapoor, Co-founder, of Soul Tree. " We realized that while the market is flooded with skincare, and personal care products in the natural category, but nit many of them are actually offering authentic. Today even the consumers are aware that chemical free product is the need of the day, but what they are not aware is the standards that judge which product is natural, ayurvedic or organic. And, that's where Soul Tree stands out. We are the one and only brand that has managed to get the seal of BDIH. The seal tells loads about our quality, and R&D," said Bhandari.
Kapoor, who looks after the R&D of the brand told us how challenging it was to come out with organic colour cosmetic. " It was certainly not easy, as the key ingredient for any colour cosmetic is the preservative, and since we wanted to use a natural preservative, we were exploring and testing with quite a few things, and clarified butter proved it. As a woman I feel that if I ave such natural preservative based cosmetic, why would I want to go for chemical based products that are also animal tested? There are a lot of other international brands that are also working on similar lines, but we know that our product, which is so moderately priced will be accepted easily, " told Kapoor.

No doubt, as we are convinced, and so will our reader be... if you have tried their products, do share your feedback to!!

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