Thursday, June 20, 2013

Love in the Digi World...

It's been a while that we featured a 'She' author on AWSW. Well, it's not always about bringing new faces, and interesting fiction to our readers, but it is always about an author, who should be a woman, and her protagonist need to a woman too! After all, AllWhatSheWants is all about women...
So, here we are with a debut 'she' author, Neeta Iyer, who has come up with the most relevant subject of the contemporary era.... a simple, apt, fun-filled romantic fiction, named ""!
Read what AWSW's Founder, Dr. Supriya Himanshu has to say about her work...

Neeta Iyer During the Book Launch
 " is a perfect satire, rather a factual presentation of what we call the digital matrimonial world. To relate with Swati Kannan, the protagonist, is natural, especially if you are one of those women who have made a great career, at a decent age, but still are looking for the marital bliss. And, considering the mushrooming matrimonial websites, where lakhs of girls and boys register themselves with a hope of finding that perfect match, rather 'love', Kannan's experience can be felt easily. Each chapter of the novel is a blind date,  where Kannan is seeking the real love, and is desperately waiting for her 'ghanti bajna' moment. There are some cliches in-between, but the fun element is so well woven, that you won't mind ignoring the same. Thanks to the simple language of Iyer, you can finish the read in one go.
On a personal note, it was hard to believe that finding real love has become such a tedious task in present time, considering my 9 year long-distance courtship, and almost same years of a happy love marriage. But Iyer is all for today's time, where love is not just a feeling, but comes with loads of dos and don't's. And, it was good to see, that the protagonist finally had her 'ghanti bajna' moment. Iyer, for sure will steal the heart of young girls out there with her debut novel."

Well, that was the review that you just read, but we also spoke to the author to know more about what she feels, and was this her own experience. " Well, the concept certainly is my own experience. Last year, as far as I remember, I got myself registered to God knows what all matrimonial sites. And, that was the time I realized that marriage, and love, in today's time are no joke. It is like a vegetable market, you are looking for the right vegetable, the right size, the right shape, and still end up finding nothing. sometimes you do find, but then you are on a lookout, and take a U-turn, if others are not satisfactory. I feel, is the story of all those, whether a girl or a boy, who go through this grind of finding the right match. But, it's just the inspiration from my own experience, certainly all the chapters and the experiences that Kannan has in the novel, are not my own," said Iyer.
Whether it's her own experience or not, her debut novel is like the 'flavour of the day' novel, and if that's one of your fave flavours, you are going to enjoy it!

Fact File:
The novel was unveiled at Landmark store, in the capital, and the novel is brought out by Jaico.

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