Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Skincare Solutions for Sensitive Skin

Beauty is one of our best-read sections, and we always make sure to surprise our women readers with something really interesting, and of course useful as well. Who can understand better than us about your super-busy and packed days, and that's one of the reasons why we always bring features that are to the point, and relevant to you all...
Now, coming to relevance, then skincare is one of the key essentials in your list, and we know that. But, not everyone is blessed with a skin type that is always ready to accept all types of skincare products. And, that's when Lacto Calamine comes to your rescue!

Some of the Basic Skincare Must-haves, From Lacto Calamine
This brand is synonymous to oily skin, sensitive skin, or skin that has irritation, rash or reaction problems. Lacto Calamine has always been there to prevent your skin from all such troubles. And, knowing this, we decided to try some of their classics, and some of their new entries in their bouquet of skincare product range.
Considering summers, it was best to try their sunscreen, names Sun Shield. The product is broad spectrum, and that is something best about it. Just to help you understand, broad spectrum means a sunscreen that can screen both UVA & UVB rays. Both these rays are ultra violet radiations, but have different wavelengths, and this sunscreen can block both protecting your skin in peak summers. We liked the product as it doesn't give that stick feel even in humid weather. But, since it is SPF 30, you might have to use it again after 5 to 6 hours. Additional, the product comes with a ph 7.5, which means it is strong in skin protection, and has calming benefits too.

The Combination of These Two is a Perfect Skin-saver for Summers
the brand has recently come up with a new product, named RENEU. One of our readers is still reviewing the product, as it is into the anti-aging category. Best thing about this product is the Strips that come along with the pack. There are three unique proof strips that can help the user to check the improvement and benefits of the product. The brand claims that this is the only anti-ageing cream available in Indian market with such technology to measure the improvement. 
Coming to the next product that we tried was Skin Balance daily nourishing lotion. It is not new in the market, and has been fairly tried and tested by a lot of women out there. 
The product doesn't lead to any reactions, dries quickly, but usually ends up making you sweat for a while. We have always wonders why is this so, probably it has to do with the ingredients. Best thing about this product is it forms a very see through layer, and makes your skin ready for the next step of skin care, which is usually sunscreen.
Additional, this one also comes with a ph 8, unlike other brands that usually have ph 5.6. While most of the dermatologist suggest that a lotion or a cleanser that has ph 5.6 is ideal, this one certainly comes with a higher version. But, it's something that only the brand can explain, we simply tried and felt that it stands true to what it claims, and therefore women with skin issues, can go ahead with this brand!!


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