Friday, June 14, 2013

Sporty Accessories for Your PC

And, we are back again after a day-long break. It's peak of summers in Delhi, and therefore this much-awaited break to welcome monsoon was definitely needed!
Coming to what features we have for you all today, well, there are quite a few. As you know we haven't touched our Machines section for some time, we are bringing something really exciting in the same!

Audi's Wireless Computer Mouse... Rather, Car!
Ever imagined a computer mouse taking you to the world of ultimate luxury? This new gadget launch from the German luxury car brand Audi is all about bringing that sophistication to fit the size of your palm. Audi has come up with a wireless computer mouse that's sculpted in the brand's car body.  So, if you fantasized this car in past, it's time to visualize it on your computer desk, if not your garage. The product comes with some interesting features as well. Like, USB interface (1.1 or 2.0), 2.4 Ghz technology with high-resolution 2000 dpi sensors, minimum operational range of 6 meters. additional, the product, which is available in grey colour, is compatible with both PC and Mac.

We at AWSW wanted to review the product, as we have done in past as well, but the brand doesn't seem to be keen at this point. Probably, it's just launched, or may be women is not the audience that they are looking at. Well, whatsoever it is, we wanted to update our readers with what's there in the market to try their hands on.
It's time for you to  maneuver your computer. Who knows, this first stage of your learning may get you to hold the real steering of this brand's real car?

Price Range:  The mouse is available in the Indian market for 5,599/-

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