Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wear Your Fantasies... Sexily!

We have reviewed a lot of creative inspirations, new places, or new beauty launches, but never something like this. Well, don't wonder, it's not an out of the world products, but something that preferably is kept under cover!

Undercover Lingerie, for Woman Who Believe in Fun & Fantasy!

Yes, this is one of our recently done review... and, we are sure that it will interest you...
So, we received this cute gift box from the latest lingerie brand, named Under Cover, which had a nice purple C-string with a hint of sequins here and there. Well, it was a clear hint that we were gearing up for the unexpected review of an un-imaginable, yet quite a sexy product- C-string!

In the shape of a small-letter c, you will actually wonder, why this term String is attached to it, when practically it has no string. Don't scratch your brains, and just try it, visualizing yourself as a slim diva, with a typically bony frame, tucked-in tummy, literally sticking to the back bone.  And, if you actually are that 'type', C-string is certainly made for you, rather, you are made for C-string...
Under Cover is exactly the brand that will help you in making your fantasize come true (sorry, we didn't have such fantasies). C-string, to fancy-ful lingeries, to some mood-setting accessories, and sensual pieces, the brand assures that it is meant for the modern day, confident woman, who loves to explore all the possibilities, even if it is something that lies beneath some layers of clothing.
 Now, coming back to our own take on this particular bare minimum, it is surely an expression of freedom. It is there at your nether region, yet feels as if you are wearing nothing. Although, you might feel that it should be somewhat bigger size, if your girth is bigger, but unfortunately, all C-strings come in same size.

While the product worldwide has got some mixed feedback, this is the first of it's kind launch in India, from some lingerie brand. We decided to speak to Monica Anand, CEO and Co-Founder, Under Cover Lingerie, to know more about this. " Well, we know that there are a lot of women in India, who were waiting for this product. Being a woman I feel that it is a liberating experience. Those traditional panty lines have their own prows and cons, but with a c-string you have no such hassles. I don't know what the international reviews are, but I personally like this product," said Anand.

Yes, we do agree to the fact that panty has it's advantages and disadvantages. If you are heavier on your thighs, with the panty lines around thighs, you end up getting severe rashes. Also, for a working woman, a panty line under the trousers is an awkward feel, though, some carry it with great elan.
Are you thinking that the brand is only offering this bare basic? Nope, certainly not. You just have to imagine anything, to your sexiest best, and that product is already available at the portal of this brand.
From sexy bikinis, lacy and raunchy panties,  rosy pasties (covers only the nipple region), garters, to provoking stockings, the brand has all.
Hold on, if you are one of those who can fantasize some 'horny acts' ( spare us for using this slang, but that's the apt phrase), then Under cover lingerie can also offer you the same.

That's one of the reasons why the brand claims itself to be country's leading 
fantasy nightwear brand.
" I strongly feel that Indian women are now open about what they want. They are frank about their their sensuality and intimate desires, and needless to say are trying new things. We offer a complete range that is all about provoking your partner. No doubt, with our lingerie, women can spice up their bedroom life," added Anand.

And, we couldn't agree less! 
Fact File:
Under Cover Lingerie provides the Indian woman with an extensive range of bold lingerie and sensuous nightwear. It is for the confident Indian woman, who takes her fun side very seriously and loves to try new things.

Price Range of C-string: 600/- onwards...


  1. Thank you very much for such a wonderful blog post. Naughty lingerie & Leather Lingerie
    untied my imagination at first. When I get the lingerie at first, I spent the whole day in front of a mirror in my dressing room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I never think that I am this much sexy and beautiful. Now, we have triggered our honeymoon days once again!

  2. Thanks Analisa for your comment...
    It's indeed nice to see that women are trying their hands on all styles of lingerie. Also, whether an inner wear does the basic needful or not, what's important is that at least it triggered something beautiful in you!!

  3. Nice for the indian woman to boost their confidence

  4. very rarely you see an indian lady spurl herself in lingerie


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