Monday, July 29, 2013

Add Fun to Grocery Shopping

It's been a while we haven't featured women of some great caliber, in one of our fave series -        "Women at Their Creative Best"! Well, the reason is simple... we were busy searching new faces, and look what we have got for our readers this time? Ragini Mehra, Owner, The Kirana Shop, from New Delhi.
Ragini Mehra Believes That Women Today are Ready to try Such Stores...
Now, before we take a look at her profile, and what exactly she does, let's tell you more about this store. The name, The Kirana shop itself attracts a lot of curiosity. After all, Kirana in India is a name associated with the local, small grocery store, which is usually next door. and, often any teen family member is usually told to get the must-have home basics from the store. Also, such stores in our country are also associated with a monthly Khata, which means that the payments are done at the end of the month. But, when we decided to visit Mehra's store, we realized that she has literally re-vamped this whole concept of Kirana store. It is the modernized version of the same grocery store, but in the most sophisticated way possible, giving it the definition of a neighbourhood store ( a term used in other countries for a cozy store).
The Store interiors, Elegant to Sum up!
So, we were talking about her profile, which is the most interesting aspect. Mehra, by profession is an architect, but as women we are, decided to get into something that makes her feel happy. Also, to add a bit about her family profile, she is the granddaughter of Late M S Oberoi, the Founder & Chairman of Oberoi Hotels and Resorts. And, her mother, her very inspiration has been successfully running a Salon at The Oberoi, for quite a few decades now. But, we just need to focus on what Mehra is doing so passionately.

So, let's come to what this store has in store for you. Think of all the exotic, organic, food, wellness, and beauty related products, that are the must-haves in a woman's life, Mehra stocks up everything here. Now, if you thought that she is travelling all the time just to find the right product, from the right brand, well, you certainly need to think again. As, the store has a wonderful collection of the in-house brand, in the same name, which is mainly the local produce, but selected on Mehra's terms. " I wanted to have a store that women can relate to. And, when I say this , all I mean is that women want to buy fresh, natural, and organic stuff for their family and kids. They are particular about the expiry dates, and the date of manufacturing, and that's why I keep checking all my shelves regularly, just in case if there is anything that needs a replacement, " she said.

We did not want t believe her, and therefore did our own survey at her store. Yes, the stock is totally fresh, and smells great. How? Well, how can we say this without trying something from the store? Of course, we tried a few products, like the Feta Cheese that we used in one of the Bloggers events recently, that impressed the Chef judges with it's brilliant taste. Not just the cheese, the chilly pickle from her own brand is finger-licking. the saffron honey, smells heaven, and the amaranth grain... makes a perfect evening meal, if you are the health conscious types. Unfortunately, the shoot that we did with her products, got deleted... sheer ignorance, what else!

Fact File:
The Kirana Shop is a beautiful collection of organic and natural produce – from creams and soaps, to dips, jams, coffee, vegetables, teas, masalas, syrups, grains, snacks, Gluten-free and cutlery as well!!

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