Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Depicting a Woman's Dilemma...

We have been featuring women on AWSW who have followed their passion, and not exactly are the stereotypes, or doing things that world wants them to do. And, Art is one such section that features such talents.
Once again, we are bringing yet another profile, an author to be more precise. Meet Shoma Narayanan, whose recent book Secrets & Saris, published by Mills and Boon has just come out...
Shoma Narayanan Believes in Leisure Writing...
Mills and Boon is known for it's romantic fiction, but with change in time, and of course, change in authors, there is a lot of interesting weaving of emotions, relationships, and a woman in between. And, that's what Narayanan too has tried to capture. Read what Dr. Supriya Himanshu, Founder & Owner, has to say about this new novel. 
" Not much into romantic reading, but this novel captured my attention in one go. As a woman, I felt an instant connect with the protagonist, Shefali Khanna. Secrets & Saris is a wonderful, and picturesque presentation of a woman's emotions who once ditched in a relationship, doesn't give up, or sulks, but starts fresh, in a new surrounding, but again, on her own terms only. The initial chapters of the novel, which are all about the protagonist, keep the reader glued. Despite the language being simple, there is a lot on intricacy surrounded in-between. The conflicts, the dilemmas, and the infatuation that Khanna goes through, when she meets Neil Mitra are expressed the most natural way. You smile and blush with Khanna. Though, somewhere in between the plot tends to loose it''s grip, Narayanan smartly weaves the emotions once again to give the story a superb ending. Love comes naturally to both of them, there is reluctance, and then there is also no compulsion, and that's what the beauty of this novel is."

So, that's the review, but we later spoke to Narayanan to know more about her profile. " I participated in one of the writing contests of Mills and Boon few years back, and that's when writing started. Though, it was always a passion, but at the backseat. I wanted to write at leisure, and never as a professional. But, with this publisher, things took off and now I already have another novel that will again be for the same publisher. As a woman, I feel I can do justice to my characters, and also a woman as a protagonist is more relevant to me as an author. Romantic novels are classic, and we all have grown up reading them, since ages. I feel this too will be liked by the contemporary readers," said Narayanan.

Well, we certainly don't doubt that!!

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