Friday, July 12, 2013

For a Thrill-filled Vacation...

Fridays are always a sheer delight. For some it's a reminder of an overdue shopping, for some, it's more about eating out, but there are many who use this leisure time for their pending travel plans. So, this time we decided to delight the later one's, who have been planning for a travel to some nice international locales. We bring to you the glimpses of South Africa in this quick feature. Rather, it's more like a textual tour to this beautiful continent (it's located at the tip of it)...

Bliss in the National Park...Jock Safari Lodge!
A country that boosts two massive oceans, a country that has a dynamic history, like India, and a country that has some scenic and wild beauty to enjoy and cherish, South Africa is a destination that is always on the top list of any traveller, globally. But, off late we have seen that it has become a destination that's luring more of 'She' travellers. And, we decided to dig into it to know more about what all they are offering that women are finding it to be the right place to plan their vacations for!
Fordoun Hotel & Spa...
Hanneli Feels That Women Have a Lot
 to Explore in South Africa!!

We first spoke to Hanneli Slabber, Country Manager, South Africa Tourism in India, who belongs to that country, and shared some interesting details. " Well, we always knew that we don't have a Taj Mahal to lure the travellers but then we had the beauty of nature that today has become one of our key attraction. Yes, it is a fact that a lot of women these days are preferring South Africa as their holiday destination. There has been a splendid boom in the adventure tourism industry, and women are the one who are getting more into this. and since the country is known for it's wilds, it is natural that it has become the hub for women. But, it's not just the adventure destinations that are wooing women travellers, there are many things here that make women visit the country. you get the best of spices here, in fact, I too stock some spices when I come back from my home visit," said Slabber.
Glimpse of Spices at Victoria Street Market... Durban!!

Well, that true indeed. Women today are preferring adventure destinations for their holidays. And, when we say adventure, relaxation goes parallel. " Yes, there are some exotic and luxurious resorts and hotels right in the middle of wild life century. You can enjoy the spa session in the midst of a jungle. Also, there is another interesting things that is more than enough to capture a woman's attentions, which ever country she is from. And, that gold! Yes, many bride-to-bes visit our country for the purchase of gold jewellery. Not just jewellery, they also do their entire wedding shopping," added Slabber. Wow!!
Later, we also asked Slabber about woman's safety, if she is travelling all on her own, to which she said, like any other country, here too women need to be cautious. "But not every town of the country is like that, there are places that are totally safe, and their are places that need precautions." We believe that adventure certainly comes with a risk, and every traveller is aware of that.

With a country like South Africa, which more or less offers an all-in-one package (shopping, spa, adventure, spices, fashion) to women, we believe this is exactly what women want. But, fr our satisfaction we asked Slabber if South African tourism is offering any special packages for women, in India. " We do offer specific packages, meant only for women, but we don't offer any discounts. Indian travellers in any case can easily feel the connect, as they are going from a developing country to anoother developing country," she sums.

So, which city of South Africa is your next travel destination? Do share your travel plans, if at all you have in the coming future...
BTW, one of our contributors is already heading to this continent, so you can expect something... unexpected!!

Note: In the feature we haven't mentioned places to visit, what to do, where to go. Don't wonder, as we believe that women do their research pretty well, before each travel!!

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