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For Your Spa Time...

Weekend, and a review feature on a spa is a perfect delight to any woman. She is at leisure, and won't mind exploring new places to relax, and refresh. But, often you have seen that spas are more about boosting about their special therapies and services that they offer, and very rare you get to see a spa that's more concerned about your own persona;l preferences for therapies. Well, if you have been looking for some such spa, then Pachouli Spa in the capital seems to be the answer. How? Learn from Dr. Supriya Himanshu, who took the experiential here...

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Preeti Seth, Owner,
Pachouli Spa
Now, first thing first! I was quite reluctant initially when I got this invite for the review, as the spa is located in an area, which is already flooded with body massage centres, and some very average spas. But, when I finally decided to give it a try and reached their place one afternoon, it was an absolute delight. The place is at the top floor, and has a wonderful space division. With salon at one side, and spa the other, in-between the cozy fitness zone, you feel that you haven't come to a wrong place. The icing on the cake is Preeti Seth, the Owner of the spa, who is always around to personally look after clients. " The spa says 'A pure You'. Which clearly means that it is all about women, what they are looking for, what is their routine, what is the problem area, and what exactly they would like to go for. as a woman I feel that I would love to visit a spa that give me a liberty to feel the spa first, and then let me decide on my own. In most spas you are told that go for the signature therapies as they are the best. Here at Pachouli, I make sure to spend some time with my clients, try to understand what exactly they are looking for, and then show them the menu to decide," told Seth. Wow!
The Rooms are Well Equipped With Shower, Steam & Jacuzzi 
And so, post this interesting interaction I headed to the spa area. Lovely corridor, with rooms on both the sides, the area was small but perfectly comfortable. My spa therapist guided me to my room, which was well lit. I headed to the food relaxation zone, for the foot soaking in the bathing salt, basically to calm you down from the external stress. Then my spa ritual, which was all about jasmine oil body massage, particularly focusing the stiffness of the body, and making the tissues relax. I'm quite sure that the therapist must have had a tough time, as 'm in a profession that calls for a long hours seating in front of the laptop, and so there was loads of stiffness here and there. But then, she knew her job pretty well. She started with a slow and soft oil application, and later the pressure massage. I loved the jasmine oil, which Seth had suggested as I have a sensitive skin. The therapist also told me that my skin has a quick absorption tendency, and so the application of oil was more. Nothing serious about it, though!
The Corridor...

Post the massage, I quickly went for the steam, skipping the scrub, which I told Seth right in the beginning that I'm not a scrub person, and she made sure to focus on the pressure massage, which went on for good 45 minutes.
The steam is always a superb experience, as it helps your skin release the toxins. You feel lighter, and better. I requested my therapist to extend it for another 10 minutes, post my 10 minutes duration. Also, the pressure of the steam was soothing, unlike some spas where you have to sit away from the steam. This was followed by a shower, and later some green tea.
It was a complete rejuvenation, and I felt like I was all set to face the Monday blues, once again!!

Fact File:
the spa has some interesting signature services to go for. Morocco Range of Spa, Aroma Fusion Spa, Balinese Spa, Ayurveda Spa, Reflexology Spa. along with this the Advanced & Latest Fat Loss is the other thing that women can go for!!


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