Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lifestyle & Shoulder Concerns

And, we have yet another Contributor on board, who is bringing this informative feature for our 'She' readers... New Delhi-based Sharmila Chand tells you how the present lifestyle, sans exercise leads to a horrific condition, called "Frozen Shoulder".

Imagine this. You are suddenly not able to comb your hair. There is a sudden flash of unbearable pain, while you are changing clothes. Isn't it a scary situation, especially when you are absolutely unaware of the problem? You assume that there is some stress in the shoulder area, and continue with your routine, till the shooting pain starts occurring frequently, and you are compelled to visit a Doc. And, he in a straightforward way tells you, "it’s Adhesive capsulitis". You are simply wondering what's that?

Frozen Shoulder is a Commonly Seen Problem in Women These Days...
Commonly known as "Frozen Shoulder", it is a condition that causes restriction of motion in the shoulder joint, and causes pain and discomfort when arm is raised. Blame it on today’s lifestyle when one is not so active in outdoor activities and spends too much time at the desk job. And, to make it even worse, we often work in wrong posture, which ultimately doesn't allow the shoulder to move much. The result? Shoulder deteriorates! Are you thinking that you are a homemaker, and therefore need not to worry? As a matter of fact, many housewives keep lifting heavy weights that can cause minor tears in the shoulder joints, resulting in frozen shoulder. Other conditions that can predispose a person to frozen shoulder are thyroid, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Horrified? Well, we have the solutions from the expert. “If you don’t neglect it, and approach the doctor on time, we can treat it well,” says Dr. Ramneek Mahajan, Head, Department of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at NOVA Specialty Surgery, New Delhi.

The Cure
A physical therapy regimen of gentle stretches and range of motion exercises is often the best treatment. In some cases, anti-inflammatory medication and cortisone injections may also be prescribed.
Is Surgery Needed?
If the shoulder does not respond to therapy, surgery may be considered for better resolution of the problem. However it depends on every individual case. “We have conducted several surgeries for the shoulder where the patient is comfortably discharged the same day from our centre,” tells Mahajan.
Mahajan points out, It is very important to keep the joints moving, and doing exercises and stretches that promote flexibility and mobility." Lack of movement reduces both the optimal supply of blood and over time causes the muscles to tighten. Similarly, a shift in the alignment of shoulder blades and upper arm bone due to wrong posture, like hunching over a computer for several hours, can put significant stress on the ligament and tendons, gradually leading to a mild or severe inflammation in the region. If left unchecked, it can cause scar tissue formation and shoulder stiffening.

Follow your yoga regimen, or a ten minutes exercise for the shoulder every day can give you rich dividends. 

Sharmila Chand is a Delhi based freelance journalist. She writes on Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness. She is the author of the Book, "‘Cheers!’ – 365 Cocktails & Mocktails."

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