Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Right Cooling for Healthy Food!

We women have one serious issue with our refrigerators, and that is usually related to it's cooling. Either, it's too effective, or is terribly not. And, that's one of the reasons why we decided to do an exclusive feature on this important home appliance. Without which, we can't imagine our lives...
With such erratic lifestyles in the present time, where work takes a toll on our eating habits, where fresh and healthy is a bleak thought, what are the basics that we can actually take care of? And, that's where LG’s refrigerators play a role. How? Take a look!
LG Assures Perfect Cooling...
Now, you can actually be relaxed at your work station, as there is a Machine at home that is taking good care of the temperature and the humidity level of the food, especially the vegetables and fruits. Which means when you are back home, all you will get are the fresh and healthy option. and, this also means that you can stock your weekly needs in the right storage.

We decided to speak to Rajiv Jain, Business Head, Home Appliances, LG India, to know more about their innovative technology. "LG Electronics has always believed in providing advanced solutions for a healthy living. Both Green ion Door Cooling and Evercool technologies are such advances that help people live a modern lifestyle. Our focus to use filter systems, air flow technologies and sensors enables an improved food hygiene and safety with increased shelf life of fruits and vegetables. All the LG refrigerators offer appealing eco-friendly and cost savings benefits that further boost the refrigerator’s potential as a lifestyle enhancing product," he said.
Now, that tells the interesting features, but how it actually happens? Well, This is largely due to the brilliantly designed Linear Compressor. A conventional compressor has four friction points; LG’s Linear Compressor only has one. Isn't that wow!!

While we haven't tried and tested this latest model yet, but we have been using other home appliances from the brand, and so far haven't faced any serious issues yet. so, if you are planning to buy a new refrigerator, this one should certainly be your consideration...

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