Friday, July 5, 2013

Time for Some Sweet & Sassy Styles!

Back once again, with yet another interesting feature... just to make your TGIF even more exciting!! Check out this newly launched Women's brand - Pera Doce. Don't wonder, this is no international brand, but our very own Indian label. We visited their first flagship store in the capital, and simply loved their fresh approach of styles, cuts, textures, and some awesome colours.
Time to be a Pera Doce Woman...
Before heading to the collection and the price range, let's first get into the details of the brand, and it's unusual name. Originally derived from Portuguese (Pera Doce is sweet Pear in this language), Pera Doce has a beautiful green logo of a pear. This actually made us wonder if it's some organic brand. " Well, not exactly. We have experimented with a lot of other stuff to begin with. From silk to cotton, to some other interesting materials, we have a lot to offer. But, if our consumer would be looking for something organic, we would certainly be adding the same, in future," told Puneet Singh, Marketing Director of the brand.

 We decided to take a look a the collection post this brief interaction. The brand has beautifully categorized their entire line into these four lines: Everyday, Pret, Perfection and Luxe. This is usually a good concept, as it makes it easier for women to select as per their budget, and doesn't consume your precious time, in looking at things that you don't want. But, we must tell you that the moment you enter their store, their are streaks of some glamorous colours all around, and you might feel like spending some time over each category.
" We know that women today are looking for innovations in all forms. Be it cuts, textures, or material, they are looking for something different. Also, we realized that with Indian women, size is a big trouble. Most of the international brands have not been able to woo our Indian women only because of the size issue. with our brand, you will get to see XXS to XXL," said Singh later.

So, whether you are an extremely small frame, or are bigger in your bottoms, the brand guarantees the right dress for your size.

Yes, as you can see in the pic (right), it's not just about apparels, the brand has some lovely accessories, to suit to your requirement. They are quirky, elegant, colourful, and of course, pocket-friendly!
We were quite sure that for our next visit, at least one accessory we are going to pick up, for sure...
They Have a Decent Range of Bags too!
The styles of all the dresses is quite modern, and at par to any international brand, even the finish. Although, we still have to try and test one of their attire to check the durability and the colour concentration. the range is wide, from skirts, formal tops, dresses, to evening gowns, the brand is here to take care of all your fashion needs. There is a very strong reason why you get to have such an international feel. " All our designers are from New York" revealed Singh. So, that says all!!

It's time for you to spend your weekend at Pera Doce. for women, pan India, and even around the world, just wait for a few more days, and you can shop online. The brand's own e-commerce portal is very much on way...rather, a click away!!

Price Range: 600/- to 12,000/-

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