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Treasures of Konkan Cuisine...

We are quite sure that you all must be enjoying your blissful Sunday morning. But, we have something really special for all those who believe it making it even more beautiful. And, what can make your weekend more beautiful then some yum flavours in your kitchen? Yes, new recipes, new culinary experiments are such a perfect delight when you have the weekend at your leisure. And, who can tell you better than a culinary expert herself? Meet Tara Deshpande Tennebaum, who recently launched her first book on culinary art - A Sense for Spice, published by Westland, at the plush The Imperial Hotel, in the capital.

Sense of Happiness, post the Launch...
Konkan cuisine, a world of some delectable recipes, is still very much a world unexplored, and Tennebaum, belonging to the same region decided to show the food lovers that there is a complete treasure out their for them yet to be tried and appreciated. And, that's what her book is all about. " This book is all about Konkan delicacies. I have literally grown up on this cuisine. The book is the journey to my grandma's kitchen, the recipes that she had prepared all through her life. the flavours that tell me about my roots, and the culinary world that is all about some wonderful spices," told Tennebaum during the launch. 

Yes, that's what the book is all about. It takes you to the journey of the entire Konkan belt (from Maharashtra, Karnataka, to Goa), the hidden flavours of that region, the age-old recipes that have been passed from one generation to the other, and above all, it makes you aware of the fact that these are the amazing traditional cuisines that can add wonders to your daily cooking.

Kakdi Chi Koshimbri... Cucumber & Peanut Salad!
Look at these yum-looking dishes, and specially their names. Don't they look so healthy? Why we can say so? Because, Tennebaum not just unveiled her book, but also did some live cooking, in the presence of The Imperial Culinary Club's members. It was more like a gourmet session for the members, who showed their full attendance. And why not? After all, Konkan food is not the commonly served food in the hotels, or the restaurants of Delhi!
Bang-Bang Batata... A Perfect Quick Cooking!!

Koliwada Prawns
Donning the chef's apron of the culinary club, Tennebaum prepared four interesting recipes, with the assistance of The Imperial's newly appointed chef. He seemingly had a perfect know-how of this belt.

During the cooking, we thought of interrogating her, like which of them are her fave, how healthy they are, what all are the spices that can be experimented with, and so on. " Well, Vangi-bhaat is one of my faves from the Konkan cuisine. I simply relish it. Though, now I'm settled in the US, and have to stock the spices to prepare all this at home. Konkan food is usually healthy, as not much of oil is needed for preparing most of the dishes. Like this salad is amazingly healthy, as all you have is one teaspoonful of oil. Unless, something is deep fried, like the Koliwada prawns, most of the other dishes are healthy. What's important is that if you are a vegan, Konkan cuisine offers you ample amount of choices, as here we use coconut milk in the recipes. It dosen't need butter, ghee etc," she said. Now that sounds really cool!!

We later read the book (rather, still are reading), and realized that it really captures the true essence of this rich culture. In fact, some of the recipes that have from her grand mother's kitchen are as old as from 19th century. To which she said, and we quote, " I feel, every family has a history of food, and it has travelled beautifully from the women of that family. So, each woman has a secret story of her family food to narrate and share."

We couldn't agree less, and post the launch, while we were relishing the Konkan food during the lunch, we saw a lot of women from Imperial's culinary club, sharing their family delicacies with each other...!!

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