Tuesday, July 23, 2013

How to do Utility Decoration...

Decor seems to have taken a back seat on AWSW for a while now. Also, because it's not fashion that would change with every season. And, that's why we feel that this feature, which is all about the multi-utility products, can easily justify why we hadn't touched this interesting section on our Website for a long time...
Multi-utility accessories are the perfect decor item that not just add the jazz to your home, but are functional is many ways. And, that's what today's busy women are looking at. With household expenses a big time pain today, such products are a perfect investment too!
Kitchen Cabinet That Stores all...

Let's check what all is there in the Indian market...

Kitchen Cabinet

This piece (in pic) will cozily
fit either in your kitchen or the dining area. what's best is that you can make your kitchen platform clutter-free, by shifting the microwave, mixer, food processor, or veggie-fruit trays to this beautiful cabinet top. and, what more it can accommodate is the cutlery and crockery, safely!

Available at: Fabfurnish.com

Where Work & Drink go Hand in Hand!

Study Bar Furniture 

This product is such a cloud nine feel! And, why not? After all how many women actually have an office cubicle like this? It's a sheer delight. Study at one side, and a mini bar at the other! What's more interesting is that both the areas are comfortable enough to sit and drink/write. Place your laptop on one corner, let the system boot, and you prepare your drink on the other side... in the mean time!!

Available At: Qboid Design House, New Delhi
This is from their signature furniture items

Showcase cum Store

Utilizing the Corners... 

These assortments are clearly indicating what their utilization is...
Miami Brown Side Table

Bin for the Magazines...
For a Clutter-free Table...

Worried about the corner in the bedroom? The Showcase, which also has cute little storage area is a good choice to fill in. It's neither too big, nor too small to look odd. Also, has a sufficient top area to adjust a lamp and a clock.
Available At: Baaya Design, Mumbai
This is from their Gond Jazz collection!

The other option for the same area is the Miami brown side table. But this would go very well if your bed is also of wrought iron.
Available At: Jabong.com

And lastly, the bin, which is once again multi-utility, is perfect and beautiful enough to stock dailies and magazines, that you usually stack on your workstation, thinking you will read... but end up with Websites like AWSW!!
Available At: Indiacircus.com
When Spread & Quilt do the Needful...

Quilt & Spread-in-one

Although, not a very recent trend, but is liked and becoming a big trend now. Yes, who has time to set the spread first, then set the quilt on the same... neatly? Especially, when the morning hours are rush hours. This decor accessory is a perfect time-saver. You can use it as a spread during the day time, and can simply slip inside it during the night.
Not sure how comfy it is during extreme winters, but seems to be a perfect AC blanket!!

Available at: Soma Shops
(Delhi,Jaipur,Udaipur, Cohin, Hyderabad, and Bangalore)

So, what's your must-have decor item this season? Do share your views on the same...

Price Range: While some of the brands wanted us to mention Price on request, and a few did share the price tag, we decided not to mention the price of any. But, for our readers convenience we would like to inform that they are 6500/- Onward...

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