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What's the Right Hair Spa?

By the time you feel that your Monday blues are finally over, it's once again time to gear up for the next day, which happens to be just...Tuesday! But, then AWSW features are here, to revive you, to update you with the latest that you probably might have missed in your busy routine.
And, this time it's an interesting Hair therapy that we recently experienced, from no other brand, but French giant, Rene Furterer! The brand has recently ventured (actually, once again) the Indian market, via Revlon Professional.
Curls Look Beautiful, and the Secret is... Care!!
Now, coming to why we said one again is because the brand introduced a few of it's professional products in select salon some time back, but now decided to venture in a full-fledged way, taking the right route, which is Modi Revlon. this group already has an excellent presence in the Indian market, especially women are well aware of this brand.
Scalp Massage is the first Step in Hair Therapy!
So, we attended their formal launch event in the capital, where we also experienced their exclusive Hair therapy. Don't wonder if we are calling it hair therapy than a hair spa, which is the in thing these day, as the next few lines will actually help you understand the basic difference.
So, what is a hair therapy? Is it not hair spa? " When you take care of the scalp first, and then later, in a step by step way look after the locks, the ends, and the hair texture, this method is called as the hair therapy. And, that's what Rene Furterer does. We are a premium scalp and hair treatment brand," told Diego Perez Marin, International technical beauty adviser in Cosmetics, associated with the brand for a few years now. To understand this process, we finally took the experiential. It was simply fabulous. How? Know it from our Founder, Dr. Supriya Himanshu herself.   " I have a problematic scalp, if not the locks, it's oily, and goes itchy in less than 48 hours. Of course this was not my first try and test with a hair spa, but I realized that the process was a little different. It started with the oil massage on my troublesome scalp. The first step itself was a wonder. The tiny bottle of oil was not poured on my scalp, rather, the therapist using a fine comb was massaging the scalp with each layer, making the oil actually reach the roots. It was a sheer bliss, as it relieves the stress as well. Later, was the steam, and then the cleansing. Since my hair had a bit of frizziness, the application of mask was more about Keratin application, and that to at the ends, and not towards the scalp. It was again followed by the cleansing. I could feel the change in texture even before the blow dry, so imagine how my curls felt, post the dry. Splendid, in one word!"
The Launch Range from the Brand...
Now let's shift our focus on the association with Revlon Professional. For this we spoke to  Manita Gureja, Chief Manager BD Modi Revlon, " Revlon Professional is a new entrant to the market. We are a strong retail brand and now the company has introduced professional products by tie-ups for hair care with Pierre Fabre Laboratories, France, and for skin care with Gatineau, France. The company has also introduced nail range under professional category. Gradually, we will penetrate the market with more products," said Gureja. 
This Shampoo is our Recent Tried & Tested...
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She further added, "We are not a competing hair spa market as we are treating the scalp and hair both. We diagnose the scalp problem and deeply treat the scalp and the related problems with the hair. Spa is related often with relaxation whereas our product is purely treating the scalp and the hair. Moreover, we are 100 % natural and this is the USP of the brand for the market. We have no competition to natural products in India as of now so we stand a fair chance of making our market, bigger and better."
Of course, they will, considering what we experienced, which was just amazing!

Fact File:
The brand has introduced products like CARTHAME Dry scalp and hair, CURBICIA Oily scalp, KARITE Very dry scalp and hair, TRIPHASIC Hair loss, OKARA Colour and Highlights and COMPLEXE 5 Essential care amongst several others. 

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