Friday, July 26, 2013

What's Your Weekend Flavour?

It's TGIF, and what can be the best day to share the restaurant review with our readers than a Friday? After all, you have to start setting your weekend eating out plans now!

Cafe Ludus Bar Area...
Keeping your weekend plans in mind, we reviewed this property recently. Cafe Ludus, in the capital is a new add on to the F&B world of Delhi. It has that warmth that a family looks for, the privacy & peace that a couple crave for, and a giant dining area that any women kitty club is in a look out for! Well, enough of the basics, now let's shift our focus to the interiors of the restaurant, and then later to the actual part, which is food!!

 The place has a very modern setting, with bar at one side and rest other are the dining areas. But, even the dining areas have been designed in a way that you can select as per your need. Want to enjoy a cuppa? The lounge next to the mini library is perfect. Want to through a party? the central seating that seem to have a capacity of 15-20 is the right choice. Since we were there for the review, we decided to opt for the lounge. With a brief chat with Heena Mahajan, the in-house Public Relation, we had a look at the menu. In one go, it has ample number of choices to place your order for. And, we selected some 4-5 dishes, like Black Russian (Vodka with Kahlua), Half Soup & Half Salad dish, which was the combination of mushroom soup and Ludus salad with green papaya (one of our personal faves),  Four Seasons Platter, which has falafel, cheese sambousek,  cheese coquettes with hummus, bab ganush mashed served with pita bread, Al funghi Risotto, Fresnch Assiette (ratatouille vegetables), and in dessert, Vesuvio (molten lava cake). Quite a sumptuous meal it was. 

One of the Dishes That we Tried!!
Coming to our take on the dishes that we thoroughly enjoyed, the drink was fine, to begin with. Vodka considering the weather (monsoon is in these days) was the good option to take a sip of. Next was the mushroom soup with cold salad. That was simply fab! The soup had that strong punch of mushrooms, which one can easily relish. Also, it was thick enough to justify the real mushroom soup. Offering the Thai-based salad seemed to be a good choice as the rawness pf papaya works as a cleanser. Next was the platter that had variety of Mediterranean munch-eons. From pita bread, to falafel, to cheese coquettes, it was a complete meal in itself. In fact, considering the restaurant, which is more like a cafe to come and relax, post your hectic day,  the assorted platter is a perfect option to go for.
And, by the time we could finish this platter, our main course al funghi Risotto, and Fresnch Assiette were already on the table. Risotto was amazingly hot, and had the right balance of tanginess and salt. We loved it!
The ratatouille was fine, perhaps we were expecting the exact dish of the animation movie (Ratatouille). Also, by this time the tummy had started showing symptoms that it was no more in a state to take anything more. But then, how can a meal be complete till we try the dessert, and we opted for the lava cake, served with vanilla ice-cream. Chocolate is always a temptations, but this was probably not our call, as the molten chocolate was not temptatious enough to grab all our attention. Actually, we were lost in the flavours of the Risotto that we just finished!!

The cafe is a sheer delight, whether trying for the first time, or are a regular visitor. For women especially, we observed the place has a lot to offer. There was already a kitty going on while we were reviewing the place. Later, we also checked their open area restaurant, which is simply huge... there is a lot more in store, just keep watching this space for the next update on the place!!

Fact File:
Cafe Ludus is part of BTS Hospitality Pvt Ltd, which is an emerging group with key focus on hospitality businesses in India. The restaurant is located on the second floor of MGF Metroplitan Mall. It falls in the category of multi-cuisine restaurants, serving European and Mediterranean delights.

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