Wednesday, July 10, 2013

When Diamonds go Pocket-friendly!

It's been a while we featured jewellery on AWSW. Especially, diamond jewellery. With economy going topsy-turvy, and the value of Rupee declining, probably even the jewellers and the brands must have thought of bringing their seasonal collection with a slow pace. But, brands like Tanishq, as usual, have something really innovative to offer, rather woo their women consumers. And, what can be the best way to woo women than Diamonds? Yes, the brand has come out with a new range of collection, named Inara... which is all about stunning diamonds, deliciously priced!!
Inara Promises Design Elegance, Along With Loads of Diamonds...
Looking at this picture you can make out what jewellery we are talking about. Inara recently got launched in the capital at equally stunning The Leela Palace, during a fashion show, where The Miss India's flaunted some beautiful pieces from the range along with other models.
Miss Indias - Zoya Afroz, Navneet Kaur Dhillon & Sobhita Dhulipala
(From R to L)

Diamonds are stunning, is a world known fact, but priced deliciously, is a lesser known, rather unknown fact. And, that's what the brand has done. This new collection seems to be quite affordable (between 2 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs, for a set). For sure, those who shop diamonds regularly, can make our how affordable this is. But, the new range has a lot more interesting features other than this.

And, for this we spoke to Abhishek Rastogi, Design Manager, Tanishq, who created this collection with his team. " Inara is an Arabic word, which means illumination, shine. The designs are based on cosmic world. So, you get to see spirals, meteoric patterns, and so. The idea was to create styles that look fuller. the biggest diamonds that we have used in the neck pieces or rings look like solitaires, though they are not," told Rastogi. Quite a smart strategy, we must say!

Now, let's see what all the collection includes. Well, from necklace, bangles, earrings and to cocktail rings, this collection will spoil women with it's splendid choices. Why we say choices? The range has around 120 unique designs to offer.

Later, during the event, Sandeep Kulhalli, Vice President, Retail and Marketing, Tanishq said that the collection has been designed keeping in mind the choices and preferences of a contemporary Indian woman. " Women are not looking for diamond jewellery that they can wear only on certain occasions. They want to wear it every day. This new range has a lot of such pieces that can be worn daily, other that occasional wear pieces. The collection will sure meet the taste of all women out there, what so ever is your job profile, or the occasion," said Kulhalli. There is no reason to disagree to what he said. As we checked the entire collection that was exhibited during the event.

Diamonds on Plate... A Perfect Dessert!!
On a personal note, we would say that the collection is undoubtly pocket-friendly, and is exactly the collection that many women are looking for, but for women who are used to opulence and bolder styles may want to try something else from the brand. Inara is more about delicacy and intricacy. It's edgy and has some brilliant placement of diamonds!!

So, which stunning piece is getting added to your jewel box? Let us know...

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