Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where Flying Means Rejuvenation...

The title of this feature might make you wonder that how can flying (air travel) be rejuvenation? indeed it can be, especially when you are travelling to India. And, precisely to Delhi, as Ishana Nature Spa at Ishana Experience Center, located at the International Airport Terminal (T3), makes sure to offer it's blissful and rejuvenating spa services to the international travellers, whether an Indian, or from any other country. It's time to fly feeling fresh top-to-toe. This spa is more than just a spa, how? Well, you need to read the complete feature to know more...
Where Waiting Means Revival... Rest Area of the Spa!
So, what exactly this spa zone is all about? Call it an experiential zone, or a retail destination, Ishana at this airport is all about bringing the Indian heritage, the spirituality, the art and craft...all under one roof. when we got to know all these details about this place, we simply couldn't help but decided to experience it, and landed at their store, post the airport formalities (which are a little problematic, if you are not a traveller). What we liked about the place is that it is after the check-in, which means that the traveller is absolutely free till her next flight schedule, and can easily indulge in a nice, relaxing spa, or some heritage shopping. 
The Tranquil Pool at The Store...
The store being in the departure zone attracts many walk-ins, and we noticed this during our brief visit. Since it's all about India, many foreigners simply go awe with the collection. What's even more fascinating is the tranquil pool, also know as the healing pool. " we encourage the walk-ins to sit here with their feet soaked in the pool, at least for 10 minutes. There is a lingam in the centre of the pool, which is consecrated by Sadhguru of Isha Foundation. The water therefore makes you relieve all your negative energies, and you feel relaxed in just 10 minutes," told the manager of the store.  
From Jewellery, Personal Care, to Apparels, the Store has everything to Offer!!
Well, we wanted to sit their for a while, sipping the mango lassi that was offered, but then the spa rejuvenation was waiting for us to try and experience. It was a quick 15 minutes shoulder and neck pressure point massage, and believe us, the therapist knew her job pretty well. We loved the view that the spa or the rest area offers. You can see planes, the airline staff, all getting set for the next flight.

So, next time when you are travelling to India, especially via the capital of this country, don't miss this rejuvenating opportunity that also comes with a shopping experience... all Indian!!

Fact File:
The Store also offers some complementary services like Ayurvedic consultation, Astrology, readings, live dance & music performances, Mehandi application and live craft demonstrations. The express services that can refresh you before your next flight are less than 60 minutes. 

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