Wonders of a Little Grain

Culinary world is one world that we all look forward to when Monday Blues are just not ready to get over. But even otherwise, we all love to try flavours that introduce us to some of the best part of the world. And, that’s what The Imperial Hotel in the capital did recently, when they invited us to try ‘Jewels of Asia- Rice’. Wondering what it was? Well, The Spice Route, one of the finest restaurants in India, the jewel of this hotel was hosting it’s fine guests with the treasures of Rice from south east Asia. Read what Dr. Supriya Himanshu has to say about this…
Khao Klukh Krapi
The picture right next to this text is more than enough to tell you what I enjoyed that afternoon. It is actually a wonderful feel  to be there at this restaurant though, on a personal note, I find it a bit intimidating, with so much of luxe, privacy, artistic illustrations, and a great peace. You see, I’m not so used to all this..
Well jokes apart, I reached the restaurant, where Ruchi Jain, Assistant PR Manager, greeted me with a few more fellow journalists.

Chef Veena Arora (Remember we features her in ‘Women at Their Culinary Best’ series?) started briefing us about the forms of rice, and how rice is one important element with south east Asians, and how they try experimenting it with different cooking styles and flavours. Of course, they must be, as that’s what I was there for- to try and enjoy!

Kozhi Kodan Biryani
We started with some starters like raw papaya salad. just to say, but we don’t want to talk much about it, as the luncheon was all about trying Rice. But, Chef Arora wanted our taste buds to get activated first, and probably that was the reason, I was served this clear soups, which was supposed to be combined with the rice. It was just perfect, no other words can describe it, and I could see all of us actually relishing the balanced flavours of this soup. In the mean time the rice started getting served. From Khao Klukh Krapi, Com Hoang Bao, Kozhi Kodan Biryani, to Nasi Kuning. No need to do much of brain-storming as these are typical south east Asian terms, and like us, you too are not much familiar with. But just to simplify, these are all different rice dishes – stir fried, Wok fried, Malayasian yellow rice, to Kerala-style biryani.
Wok Fried Rice
The lunch was a complete happiness, and what led it to the ecstasy was the Vegan mango ice-cream that I tried at the end on a strong recommendation of the chef. Oh, did I say I still ‘m craving for it? Oops, I actually ‘am!!
But, we didn’t come empty-handed, we have Chef special rice recipe for you all, to try and enjoy…Take a look!
30gms chicken slices
20gms green curry paste
20ml coconut milk
15gms krob aubergine
15gms pea aubergine
5gms lime leaves
5gms sugar/palm sugar
Cook rice and keep it aside. Wash both the Aubergines then cut the Krob Aubergines 1×4. Pour  oil  in  the  pot , add  curry  paste. Stir  on  a  slow  fire  for a while , then  add  coconut  milk  slowly. Add  sugar , fish sauce  and  then  kaffir  leaves  to  it.  Add slices of chicken, bamboo shoots and both the aubergines. Simmer till the chicken is cooked, add rice and mix well. Garnish with fried basil.

So what’s cooking in your kitchen this weekend? do share your feedback when you will try this dish at home…