Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ayurveda, the Monsoon Stress-buster...

If your daily chores have been keeping you busy for quite some time, and the affect is now visible on your body, either in form of stiff muscles, or dull skin, then nothing can be a better stress-buster that a traditional detoxification therapy. Yes, we all love heading to the spa every now and then, but it's only the traditional Ayurvedic ritual that can work wonders on such accumulated stress. And, when we say ayurvedic, what can be best than Abhyanga, followed by Shirodhara? We decided to experience the same in the capital at The Spa, Shangri La's Eros Hotel. 

Beat the Stress at The Spa at Shangri La's Eros Hotel, Delhi 
Abhyanga and Shirodhara are the perfect spa therapies, when the season is monsoon. We realized this when we headed for our spa therapy to the hotel, amid the heavy downpour. It was a typical monsoony evening, with water all around, and we realized that when the atmosphere is cold, all you need is a hot therapy to revive you instantly. That's one of the reasons why even the experts suggest ayurvedic therapies for monsoon season.
Relaxation With Ayurvedic Therapies...
So, finally we managed to reach the spa to experience what we call 'Divine' literally. The therapy is called 'Ananda Touch', and sure it was. Who can tell you better than the one who experienced it? 
The Spa Corridor...
" I'm not a very ayurvedic therapy type of a woman, so have always stayed away from them. But, I'm happy that I finally decided to indulge in one of them, rather the best one. This is a long-duration therapy, so women really need to be in a relaxed state of mind, and must keep their mobiles in a switched off mode, just to enjoy this therapy to it's best. Shangri La's Eros spa is a sheer delight, especially when you are trying this for the first time. The magnificient area, the perfect dim lighting, and the cozy spa rooms will add to the comfort, by default. So, the first in this treatment is the Abhyanga, which is a traditional Indian massage that involves a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes. My therapist seems to be an expert as she could easily figure out my stiff muscles before she even started the massage. She told me that I will feel lighter after this massage as it adds to the blood circulation, and stimulates the lymphatic flow, and relives the fatigue. She was soft, slow, and actually made me doze off. What I particularly liked about this massage is that the oil used is hot, and in a good quantity. So, all you feel is a sensation that somethings really changing inside. Post this, she woke me up to head to the Shirodhara bed. That was so heavenly. Hot oil dripping in a steady stream on your forehead, it once again dozed me off. Traditionally, it is believed to awaken the third eye, and relaxes both the mind and senses, thus, improving mental clarity and helping in relieving sleeplessness and general headaches. I'm sure it is quite effective as the moment the dripping starts, you just feel like taking a nap. This continues for another 45-50 minutes. Later, was the steam, one of my fave indulgence, and than the bath. Never ever I felt this revived, like the way I did after 'Ananda Touch'," says Dr. Supriya Himanshu, Founder, 

We are quite sure that by now you must have set your plans for some ayurvedic spa therapy for your weekend. A spa is not just about some pampering session, but it is more about you. It is more about what you actually need, and considering women's daily chores, and the work commitments, it's very important to head to your kind of spa, and enjoy your 'me-time'... The Spa at Shangri La's Eros is all for you!!

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