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For the Perfectly Luxurious Stay!

Travel is fun, whatever is the season, whatever is the occasion, and whatever is the place. Hang on! If you thought that travel is fun whatever is the place, then you really need to give it a second thought, as not every place is a luxury, and not every city is a beauty. How can we say so? Well, our recent trip to this heavenly bliss in this sexy season "Monsoon" has made us say so. Want to know more about the Bliss? It's Suryagarh Hotel, located in the middle of nowhere... in Jaisalmer!!
Looking for the Ultimate Luxury? Suryagarh Calling...
Now, that's a kind of place that defines fun travel. But, fun is just the beginning, as the hotel is not just about fun, but way more than that. We were lucky enough to be invited by this hotel for the review, in this splendid season of monsoon. And, best thing was that they were celebrating #monsoonmagic with us. You must be curious to know who is this 'us'? Well, we were 9 wonderful 'She' bloggers who had a gala time at this magnificent hotel.
Facade of the Hotel!
And, the Glimpse of the Central Courtyard...
If you are the kind of woman who believes in being pampered, who loves getting spoilt for choices, who can be adventurous enough to go on the mysterious trails around the hotel, and above all who simply loves the fine dining & endless courses of the exotic cuisine... then, your travel plans should have this beauty in your list. Coming to what Suryagarh is all about, it's a boutique hotel situated in the dry zone of Rajasthan - Jaisalmer. Probably it is one of the biggest hotels of Rajasthan, in terms of the land area.
Not just this, the place offers you an array of choices to select from, and that's something we realized in our 3-day long stay, amid the monsoony clouds, and of course some lovely women.
Jaisalmer Suite, Where you will be Spoilt for Choices!
So, we reached the property one fine afternoon on a weekend, via Jodhpur. While we could have gone straight to Jaisalmer from the capital, but as we said right in the beginning that superb hospitality is their USP, we were picked from Jodhpur by their Ford Fortuner, and headed on our 4 hour long drive to this beauty. The drive was smooth, all thanks to Rajasthan's wonderful roads. The property is at the outskirts of Jaisalmer city, and you actually pass through the city, and then the first glimpse of this oasis in desert rejuvenates you in one go!
The Lavish Breakfast Arrangements...
How? Well, it's like an instant reminder that the next three days will be spent in an ultimate luxury. After an amazing warm welcome, we headed to our suites, in their super beautiful elevator. Studded with a royal style seating, the elevator runs super slow, just to make you feel that you are now in a relaxed zone. The suite was perfect to a woman's requirement. From a wonderful WiFi, to a great bath tub, to some yum snacks, the suite had literally everything. Post getting refreshed, we headed straight for our lunch. Now, that's where the ultimate pampering began! Karan Singh Vaid, General Manager, Suryagarh, was already ready with all his lavish arrangements, for next three days. We were offered some endless courses of meals, prepared the most exotic way for all three days. So, you can easily make out how happy we must have been after this sumptuous lunch.
Later, as the spa appointment was made in prior, post some relaxation, we headed straight to the spa - Rait. Don't you think this is exactly what a woman needs while she is travelling to such a luxury? Spa indulgence always brings happiness. Rait, in literal sense means sand. But don't worry, it had nothing to do with sand scrubs, or mud spa, but since the hotel is located near to the well-known Sam Desert, hence, Rait seemed to be an apt name. We opted for a body scrub, and Orange oil deep tissue body massage. It was quite refreshing. What we especially liked about the spa was the marvellous size, it was big enough to accommodate the private Jacuzzi. To sum up, we came out revived, and ready to enjoy the #monsoonmagic...
'She' Travel Bloggers, Enjoying Some 'Me-Time' in Jaisalmer...
The evening was all about grandeur! First, the quick visit, rather exploration of a trail that lead to nowhere, but some peace amid the rocky side of this desert. Vaid surprised all of us with this set up. Exquisite star-ful sky to gaze at, and lighting and thunder on the other side to gasp at, the evening was all about some wonderful wines, and desert dry-fruits. Post this superb treatment, we all headed to the hotel, to revive once again, and get ready for yet another lavish dinner. Suryagarh actually proves this phrase - 'Spoilt for Choices'! The dinner, which was all about Kababs, was yet another gala affair. During the dinner, we also got to know about the haunted trail, named 'Chudail Trail' of Jaisalmer, which we were going to explore in midnight. Wow!
Well, we thought of featuring all the trails that we explored during this beautiful trip, but we are going to continue with that in yet another feature, which will be all about "Places to Visit in Jaisalmer"
This was just the first day that showered us with so much of luxury, the next two days were the carbon copy of the same, rather with some added innovation. curious to know what? The dinner for the next day was 'Dune Dinner'. It was not just special because we were right on the beautiful dunes, but we were actually escorted by the Owner, Managing Director, Manvendra Singh Shekhawat. What a handsome man he is! A former model, who shared his typical Bollywood style story with us, how he got into modelling, then how later he decided to take over this property (under construction), how he managed to convince his father, and built this entire property with his own style. " I wanted to offer ultimate luxury, and therefore Suryagarh is catering to niche audience. We are certainly not a budget hotel, we are for people who believe in enjoying luxury, and who can understand this better than you women?" said Shekhawat. Well, he simply nailed it with this dialogue...
Dinner on the Dunes...
So, this was the place where we had our dune dinner. As expected, Vaid once again made it a memorable experience for all the women that night. From free flowing wine, to some traditional style cuisine, to some folk music & dance performance, the dinner on dunes was like a dream come true moment...

We, like any of our reader, have travelled to many places, and covered some amazing properties, but Suryagarh stands apart, and above many. Not because it pampered us, and just because they invited us, but that's the way they are. Whether you are a guest, or a regular traveller, this hotel will assure you that your fun must have all those luxurious that you have just dreamed before!!

When are you travelling to Suryagarh? And yes, don't forget to check our next feature on the haunted trails, the cursed village of Jaisalmer... and a lot more that's amazingly exciting...


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