Monday, August 26, 2013

Get Set for Super-natural Entertainment

Some experiences are worth sharing, especially when they are out of the world, something supernatural...
The famous Lior Suchard, the mentalist, the man who can influence and read minds, is in India these days, and is connecting with the Indian audience via his live performances at Kingdom of Dreams. Of course, we couldn't miss the chance of meeting him, as we wanted to see super-natural calibre and how the audience respond to his mind-blowing acts.
" Reading a woman's mind is certainly no game," says Lior Suchard!

It is always exciting to visit this 'gigantic' entertainment zone. Do you remember, we said so in our last feature - Summer Entertainments as well? OK, so coming back to Suchard now, we all have a heard a lot about his talent. Some say he influences minds, and make you do what he wants, some say he is naturally blessed, and some say that plays magical tricks. So, we actually wanted to be part of his live show, and the impact on the viewers.
It was a sheer delight to hear him for the first time, when he asked the viewers to 'switch off the mobiles, as Lior is coming' or phrases like ' what's your name? Of course, I know'!

And, then began his actual performance. From calling people on stage for the act, to coming down to your seat is what Suchard's style is. He would pick you randomly, will take you on stage, and will get into the spooky act. Why spooky? He can make you feel his touch, without even touching you, he can tell the exact name of your first crush, he can make a playing card disappear from where it was actually placed, and he can tell you what words or numbers you are going to say in a prediction game, well in advance...
All this sounds truly weird, especially when you are the 'skeptical' types. But, once being part of his live performance, all you do is start believing it. We can go on and on about his acts, his performances, his experte in Sudoku, and so on, but we are here with our brief interaction post the event. Right from the beginning we wanted to know from him, how easy is it to read a woman's mind, or is it even possible to read a woman's mind? "Well, a woman's mind is certainly different from a man. She has like separate compartments for everything, for emotions, for work, for relationships, for tensions, for her monthly cycle, and so on. With men, it's just one on-of switch. so ya, woman is a way better sex, she is elegant, and that's one of the reason, why I usually prefer selecting woman in my performances, especially the one where I tell the name of their first boyfriend. I can feel the connect easily," said Suchard. Whoa, that's awesome!
Dr. Supriya Himanshu With Lior Suchard @Kingdom of Dreams

But, that wasn't enough for us, as we wanted to interrogate him more. Like any other person, we too wanted to know what is this trick? does he really reads minds, or is blessed with some super-natural power. " I don't know about that, all I know is that you need to think positively in life, and rest everything goes easy. Of course, at times i have failed in reading minds, but I'm a very positive person, and so can feel the connect with everyone. All I do is look into your eyes, that's it," he summed. To understand more about this fact, we later spoke to his wife. " As a woman I feel that we are always looking for someone who can be a great emotional support, and Lior is such a positive thinker, that I can never feel depressed, he is always there to help me. Of course, he doesn't get into reading my mind, but he understands. Can you believe he has never been sick, no flu, no fever, no health problems, it's only because of his positive thinking," said his wife, who was proposed by Lior with this lovely, honest liner.... "Can I call you on your phone, if I can tell you your number"!!

No need to do further brain-storming, of course he could easily, and we totally believe this!!

His Innovation: Suchard has created a Pendulum, that can help people in their success, claims Suchard. He says that it took him good two years to create that, and he gifted a couple of them to the audience. Although, he said that the instructions of it's use will soon be shared, individually...

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