Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Add Luxury @Home?

It's the Monday morning once again, and most of us are heading to our workstations, leaving the cozy home that was such a relaxed zone till yesterday! Yes, home makes you feel better, whether it's a weekend, or a busy Monday, home is one place that makes you forget all the mundane & fatigue. But, this comfort zone also needs touch-up every now and then, to make it look Lively!
And, that's what some of the brands do, in the most perfect & professional way. 
Comfort of a Home Sweet Home...
One such well-known brand, named - Maspar, which recently unveiled it's new store in the capital, has something innovative to offer this season of festivals. And, we are quite sure that women would love it. Well, we actually visited their new store to see and feel this collection, and also get some insight of the decor market in India. Falling in the category of country’s one of the leading home d├ęcor brands, particularly in the woven fabrics, the brand is for those who believe in modern living style. Well, that's quite a subjective statement, as who doesn't want a lifestyle that's luxurious & comfy both? But then, it certainly comes at a price...
The Bathroom Collection!

Before we talk about the prices, let's shift our focus on some of the ranges that the brand has. Actually the brand is into everything, to sum up. Right from the bed furnishing range to bath essential, to decor accessories, to some interesting cushion, the brand is literally into everything. Makes sense, as when a woman goes to a store she would want to wrap up her shopping from one place itself. We usually explore other stores or market, when one store is not able to offer us everything.
During this launch, we spoke to Rajesh Mahajan, Managing Director, Maspar to know more about it's online presence, considering women are doing a lot of shopping from there desktops these days...

Cushions in all Shapes & Sizes...
"Well, we haven't tied up with any e-commerce portal as such, but we will be doing it soon, only with select ones'. Reason being, the brand's positioning is such that it's not possible to offer the regular discounts, other than the end of season. Also, it's not easy to liquidize the price structure with our brand, which you otherwise see with most of the brands on e-commerce. Also, there are women who want to feel the texture of the material of their home decor items, so it's good to make the consumer visit the store, once at least," said Mahajan. Well, makes sense but we are quite sure there are many women out there who would any day want to place the order online, for which you can simply visit the brand's official portal.
Now, coming to what all products the brand offers - it has some great variety in curtains, bed spreads, or quilts, cushion, from small ones to the rectangular ones, bed sets (usually for weddings) bath range like towels,matching your bed furnishing, and a lot more. The newest being the accessories, like book holders, jewellery box, wallets, tissue paper holders, etc.

Fact File:
the brand ventured the domestic retail segment  a decade back, after it's successful journey into experts. Presently, it has nine stores across India, and is into expansion mode now!

So, what's your decor buy for this season of festivals? We talked about the price point right in the beginning of this feature, just to share the glimpse, the Vintage range from the brand which is the bed furnishing range, rather a set is 25,000 /-

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