Tuesday, August 13, 2013

No More Cable Troubles...

One of the least touched sections of AllWhatsheWants is MACHINES. Wondering why? Well, it's certainly not because there are no new products, gadgets or appliances that are not venturing in the market, but it is actually because we want to feature and review only those, which are related to women or actually make sense for all of us. And, guess what we found recently? A portable 'Wireless' speaker, named XConnect BTS-Q1 by Simmtronics.
Imagine you are in the middle of some urgent work on your laptop, and receive some urgent call. what to do? Should you stop typing or disconnect the call? If you are a homemaker, who loves to listen to her fave songs while cooking, but always has to tune in to the FM of her choice, or has to increase the volume. And, lastly, imagine you are travelling to some beautiful beaches, hills, or desert, and want to carry your music along, sans all those twisted wires, or head gears. XConnect BTS-Q1 is all what you need, and we can say this with confidence as we tried and tested this handy & friendly gadget recently!
We Clicked This Cute Speaker via Instagram, 
While Listening to Music
So, what exactly this speaker is? It's a pure bliss! Compact in style, and size, this speaker is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices like tablet, smartphone, mobile and PC, and therefore making it a perfect choice even for a con-call.
Let's quickly take a look at it's special features -
Good quality wireless music, with great sound decibel, intricately designed for low-power consumption, with a cute power-output of 3W. Now, if you want to know how far can you keeo it from the bluetooth device? Well, the transmission distance  is till 10M, with a USB charging voltage DC 5V-500mA. Added features? Frequency response 90Hz- 20Hz, sensitivity 80db+2db, built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery, and supports hands free speaker-phone calls. So, no more mobile call receiving trouble, simply press the phone symbol on the top of the speaker, and you are connected with the caller, sans any hassles. For women, it seems to be a perfect tool, while driving! What say?
The speaker is also studded with interface-flexible features like low transceiver microchips, an immaculate voice-prompting feature.And, the volume level of the audio output can be controlled with the functional keys present at the top of the speaker.
It's a Traveller's Delight...
We later spoke to Smarth Bansal, Brand Manager, Simmtronics who said that this speaker is a sheer delight for women who love travelling. "I recently went to Rhishikesh with a few friends, and enjoyed listening to music on the riverside. It's so hassle-free, all you need to carry is a tab or your mobile, loaded with your choice of music. The sound is amazing," Bansal said. Yes, he is right, as we too realized that the sound is simply wonderful! But, we have a question about their price point, which is 2999/-. this somehow is a little bit more as compared to what's already available in the market, to which Bansal had a point. " Well, the price point has a lot to do with battery power, and sound decibel, and so we are a bit higher than others."
But, we are sure that women who love to try new innovative machines, won't mind shelling out just a fe more bucks. After all, it's all about the fun that you are getting at the end of a hectic day...and, that's the peace via soothing melodies.

Fact File:
While the product is available in black and white colours as of now, be ready for some new women-friendly colours in near future. Pink... to begin with!

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