Friday, August 30, 2013

Stay Fashionable...Comfortably!

You must be wondering where the Style section of AWSW is missing these days? It's been long that we covered anything in this most Google-searched section. And, as you know that we keep trying to get the best from the lifestyle world, we are once again back with something that women would live to read about.
Fashion and style in today's world is more about who wore what, which celebrity flaunted which designer.. and so on. But, women like you and AWSW, our worlds are different. While we are keen to know the gossips about the glamour world, and every now and then feel like trying some such glamorous, red-carpet outfits, most of the time, neither our jobs, nor our surroundings allow us do so. But, having said that doesn't mean, we are left with no such 'sexy' and 'glamorous' options, of course we have a lot, rather very comfy ones'! This collection is best suited for women on go, check out!!
Ethnicity With a modern Touch... Soma's Collection 

Our recent travel to the deserts of Rajasthan introduced us to a wonderful brand, named - Soma. We loved the brand, and it's collection instantly. Why? 
Soma fashion is all about comfort, elegance, modernity, traditional textiles, easy-to-breathe fabrics, and some trendy cuts. 
Additional, it has some wonderfully soothing colours to select from. Pastels, to say.
So, we decided to source one of the dresses from the brand during our trip to Jaisalmer, where we experimented with their collection during day time. It just felt great. So chic, and so soothing it was!

The specialty of the brand seems to be it's sizes that are best suited for Indian women, and the carefully constructed dresses, which are so well-finished from the reverse as well. 

When AWSW Tried Soma...

There recent Winder collection is inspired by the night-time sky combined to earthy reflections. Dusky blues, moonlight grey and also some bright red color that brings out passion.

Fact File About Their New collection
The fresh and organic block printed collection from the brand is combined with sportiness that is ready to hit the streets.
Jackets, Long Kurtas and Scarfs in soft feminine prints and natural fibers are a key theme this season. Colors used for printing are derived from non-toxic chemicals, minerals and vegetables. They have replaced the chemical dyes with vegetable pigments to withstand the present day washing care and colour-fast requirements. Additional, some of their select pieces are 100% organic. 

With our own try and test, we can assure that the brand is all about comfort fashion, if not red carpet... glamorous, for sure!!

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