Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Travel Teaser...

No updates? No new features? No new interesting news from AWSW this weekend? Well, if our readers were wondering where had all the updates from our end just disappeared, take a look at some of these pictures, which will give you an idea...where we were!!

Re-defining Luxury... Suryagarh Hotel in Jaisalmer!
 Yes, this weekend was all about a beautiful, luxurious stay at this magnificent property - Suryagarh. While we can start writing all that we experienced, what the place is all about, and what all one should do, when in Jaisalmer... but, this is just a teaser! The feature on this property will go live this weekend.
The Hotel From Inside...
Till that time, b done with all your Google search on this hotel. Trust us, what we will share, will refresh you once again!!

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