Monday, September 2, 2013

Cancer Diet, Myths & Facts...

Can There be the Right Diet for Cancer?

Let's begin this feature by saying that it really took us long to cover it, despite the content being ready, interviews being done... Wondering why? We were just getting our facts correct. After all, the feature is all about your health!!
So, we have been hearing about this thing that a right diet can cure many diseases. What if you are suffering with Cancer? Sounds scary, isn't it? Well, that was the only reason why we wanted to focus on this feature, which is all about following a 'certain' diet, when you are suffering with any kind of cancer. And, for this we decided to speak expert Neelanjana Singh, a Nutrition Consultant at the Heinz Nutrition Foundation India, who has also worked with AIIMA, diebetic Foundation, just to name a few.

" Well, to say that following a particular diet can cure cancer, may not be a factual statement. It's rather a myth, and women need to understand this. A Nutritionist suggesting a diet, especially for serious ailments like Cancer keeping is a preventive attempt, rather a cure. If a woman is suffering from cancer whether cervical, uterus, or even breast, all I can suggest is a diet that would be rich on ingredients that can help in reducing the growth of the disease further. But, having said that it does not mean that this is the solution. Cancer is a malignant of your cells, and one needs to combine the diet chart, suggested by any dietitian with the on-going medication. And, that's what the reality is," said Singh.

"Eat right," says Singh...
This is so true. A lot of us actually assume that following a healthy diet chart can cure a disease. Well, of course it does, but only if you had been following it right from the beginning, and not when you have been tested positive of Cancer.  In fact, it has been observed that at times following a diet can help reducing the risk of cancer, especially when it is a genetic disease. " Yes, if you are following a healthy lifestyle, and a balanced diet, there is a lesser risk of cancer, even if it is genetic. Still, this cannot be a proven fact for each and every woman, concluded Singh.
Seems she is right, as in the recent past we interacted with a couple of women who were on a healthy diet, yet had to go through the treatment of cancer. Though, they have no signs of the disease yet, but the chemotherapy can be a real pain.

Later, we also checked with her about the general diet which one should follow, just in case the risk is higher. " Certain intakes are a must for a woman, like anti-oxidant rich diet, going for edibles that have a high smoking point, the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids for example. Even for men suffering from Prostate cancer, this kind of a diet is a perfect preventive cure. Always remember, a diet chart needs to be in sync with your other physical problems or ailments, like if you have Thyroid problem, the diet chart will be modified accordingly," she said.

So, next time, don't just start following a diet chart assuming that you are in the safe zone. Make sure to get the detailed check-up done!! As Singh feels that eating right is the best investment for a good health that one can make for both the present and the future.

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