Monday, September 23, 2013

Chic Add-ons to Your Decor

It's the beginning of a fresh week, and for many of you it might be the beginning of a super-busy note. So, AWSW is here to make it a bit lighter on each one of you out there. Let's just see what are the new, innovative, and luxe launches in decor section. This feature will simply update you with the trendiest things that can be added to your already set home sweet home...
An Interesting & Modern Style Add-ons to Your Duplex Home... by Nivasa!

What's New in Furniture?

The season of festivals is already here in India, and so are the new launches from the brands. So, if you have any plans on luxury buy, then something like this will sure delight you. Delhi-based brand Nivasa has some cool, contemporary decor products that are absolutely colourful and gel well with a woman's taste and elegance. 

All the furniture pieces are designed by an in - house team of designers. Look at this low-seating dining set to your right, don't you find it appealing?  Named as French Vivid Dining Set, the table is couple of inches lower than usual dining table height, with a colourful seat backs.
This season the brand is giving you ample choices to experiment with your home decor!

Fun-ful Shower Zone...By Grohe!

What's New in Personal Zone?

Yes, your bathroom is definitely the personal zone, and you love to pamper yourself the best possible way. So, if you are done with your present shower area, especially the boring shower, Grohe has brought innovative range for you...
If you have a long day at office, or even at home with endless tasks, it's always a nice shower that comes as a rescue! The touch of water to your skin is simply awesome.  The brand has something really innovative along with advance technology. From head and hand showers to integrated shower systems, from soft rain drops to water sprays with massage effect - Grohe has everything for everyone...

While the brand is offering something really luxurious, but for an average Indian home, it's always the head and ceiling shower that is the must-have. They fit well to any bathroom size, and are perfect for a quick shower too. Head and ceiling showers deliver a pleasant rain spray of delicate water drops as well as maximum showering comfort for all those who like to move freely under the shower. Additional, the accessory can be positioned according to your own standing position. Moreover, these showers allow for maximum creative freedom when planning the bathroom, as their compact size makes them suitable even for small shower cubicles.

what's even more innovative, the brand also has the choices of Digital-based showers. Well, that's enough to share, you can actually check yourself as per your requirements!!

Spacious Room with Ultra-Modern Style... by Fantoni!

What About Office?

Yes, some women are entrepreneurs too, and like to run their office midst some chic decor styles.

We have got something really exquisite from Fantoni. Of course, this doesn't fall in the budget-friendly range, but is a perfect investment, especially if you are running a lifestyle venture. The new range of furniture from the brand allows you to do experiment with color, design; shape according to your space consumption allows choosing endless combinations. Fantoni furniture is mix of leather, wood and melamine material. 

Originally from Italy, brand is bringing styles that are well-suited for the Indian offices, especially when you are into late working hours. 

Revamping the decor of your place is not a bad idea, when the season is of some great festivals and get-togethers!

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