Thursday, September 19, 2013

Doubly Beautiful...

It's been a while, and we realized that we haven't featured anything new and interesting in our BEAUTY segment. Though, we were caught up attending new product launches, and later their testings. But the subject that we are covering today in this segment is the latest talk of the town. No guesses here, it's the anti-aging solutions that every Tom, Dick & Harry brand is more than eager to offer these days. Also, for a laywoman like us, it really goes difficult to figure out which one is best suited. 
Don't worry, AWSW is here to make your troubles go invisible, just like your fine wrinkles can go invisible in just a weeks time. Yes, the new anti-aging product range from the well-known brand - Clarins assures the same, and we would like to believe it as we reviewed and tested it too...
These Beautiful Twins by Clarins Assure a Beautiful Youthful Skin...
Skin is the first visible thing on our body that can show clear signs of aging. We know that there are many women out there who believe that aging is a natural process and nothing can stop that. True, but that does never mean that you should stop loving your skin, and just keep it natural, sans any treatment or care. For those who feel that leaving the skin the way it is, in the polite language - 'Natural' is the best solution, than trying the scientifically proven products, AWSW has a very simply answer, today even nature is not so pure, there are so many pollutants in your environ, so how does your skin remain natural? Also, with busy women, it's the skin that takes a toll and starts looking dull and tired, ultimately leading to degeneration. Hope you have got the point, now coming to the products Extra-firming Day cream  & Extra-firming night cream, it is targeting women in their late 30's and women in their late 40's, but the brand claims that aging process can start as early as early 20's too. Well, we would personally not recommend that!
Comes With a Smooth Texture...
Just a Pearl Drop of Application That's Needed Each Day!

Anyways, the products do feel good, and seem to have some wonderful effects on your skin. Meant for all skin types (though, the oily skin types need to be extra careful), these twins have some key natural ingredients like, organic green banana extract, lotus flower and lemon thyme. Additional, the two products are the 4th generation in the same line of Clarins anti-aging products, launched in 1978.
What we found really interesting is their technique of product application. First, it's just a tiny drop that's needed for your face, secondly all you need is to take it on your palm, rub it all around, and after joining both the palms simple dab it on your face. It's like creating a suction on face with your palms, till the cream gets absorbed. 

Now, coming to the price range of the product that many women may not be able to connect with. It's certainly going to cost you a lot. Also, since it doesn't have the SPF, you will have to apply the sunblock on this. So that makes it even more costlier. We spoke to skin specialist, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj during the launch about this and she said, " I think women should take it like a one time investment on their skin, after all, your beauty is worth it." 

Yes, you are worth it, and so is your skin....

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