Saturday, September 14, 2013

For a Foodilicious Weekend...

The weekend is here, and as you know we always bring something special in F&B for your relaxed days...Some places are not just about dining out, but they also have a character that appeal to a woman's taste, and the recently launched restaurant Nom Nom in the capital, which already has got some rave reviews for their Mumbai chains seems to be one of that!
Spacious Seating & Sophisticated Interiors... 
So, it was a lovely afternoon we spent at this restaurant. The 'we' here is important to stress on, as the noon was all about wonderful women, trying and tasting food sitting at the different sitting levels, and tables. Hang on, there was someone even more special who decided to join AWSW over this review luncheon.
"A great meal can be a woman's best friend,
after Diamonds," feels Aditi Balbir...
Meet this beautiful, young entrepreneur, Aditi Balbir, Co-Founder, V Resorts, who agreed to join us over this review. And look what she has to share with our readers...

"For women, a great meal can be their next best friend, after diamonds. And a great meal with some pampering? Second to nothing! This happened to me this week during my lunch at the recently launched Nom Nom, at The Ashok hotel. The first thing I noticed was how creative they had been with the dining environment. Designed with an Asian & Chinese theme, the space was vast with comfortable seating and a glass view of the kitchen. One of the most distinctive features of this restaurant was the mezzanine seating on different levels for private groups, offering a bird’s eye view of the entire restaurant. The Service was warm (although a little slow) and the Manager took care to inform us of their signature items on their menu. Needless to say, the restaurant had enough options to impress a connoisseur of fine Asian food! The Wasabi prawns were especially delectable, followed by crispy corn and mouth watering dim-sums," shares Balbir.

Wasabi Prawns, the Stealer of the Day!!
She further adds, "Do try the starters with a range of their special sauces – sesame, coriander and of course the staple for Chinese food – chilly. The main course had celery flavoured rice with garlic chicken and vegetables. Of special mention was the lemongrass flavoured ice-cream accompanied with fresh fruit and pralines. And, guess what? All this was accompanied with a glass of Moet & Chandon, and an excellent company. This meal was indeed one to remember!," she sums.
Now, do we really to add anything further to this. Of course not!!

Fact File:
The restaurant has been launched by Smart Global, in association with Silver Beach Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. Spread in the gigantic size of 11,000 sq ft with a capacity of serving covers of 170 guests. It also boasts of an exclusive Private Dining room, al fresco dining for Delhi’s winters in the landscaped gardens, as well as a Chinese Tea lounge in the verandah. But, the one which caught the most eyeballs is the Dragon swirl, which curls till the ceiling like the tail of a dragon and offers private tables across varying levels.

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