Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shopping Bonanza!

As the season of festivals have begun in our country, so is the season of shopping, offers, new collections, and celebrations. Malls are coming up with new concepts to make the consumers try the new things on display, ans recently something similar was done by DLF Promenade in the capital...
The mall introduced this interesting festival named - Shoe and Bag Festival!
Started last season, the festival is all about offering special gifts and complimentary services to the women 
who would be shopping worth 7 grands, and that to out of which 50% shopping will be of either bags, or shoes.
While the event and the whole celebration sounds and looks like a smart marketing strategy (it indeed is), we could see a lot of women consumers actually enjoying the sessions, and the gifts. 
And, to know more about it we decided to indulge in one of such complimentary services, which was a nice soothing Pedicure at Looks salon in the mall...

Complimentary Pampering...
Yes, we decided to try the Pedicure than the usual gift options, or getting the footwear customized, the nail art, or even the hand spa. For a busy woman, it's always the nice food massage and pampering that works wonders. 
Why was it special? Not a moment the expert at the salon made us feel that it's a service that's complimentary, that to on the shopping for Shoes & Bags, rather their own service! It was like a 1 hour 20 mins session, with cleaning, scrubbing, massaging, nails cleaning, trimming and foiling... end on this beautiful nail enamel application!!

It was a simply splendid, especially when it was taken at the end of the day. For women shopping is fun, which we noticed in the mall, but as humans we are, if it has an added advantage of some complimentary offer, and you don't have to shell out money, it is the perfect icing on the cake...

don't miss such interesting festivals of the malls!!

Fact file:
Pedicure by Looks, Nail art by Nail Spa, and Hand Massages by Crabtree. Additional, Heel condom service to add or reduce the heels in your footwear by!!

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