Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Style it, Inside Out

Ever imagined what can be the perfect benchmark that can be set to judge whether you are a style-conscious woman or not? Probably, the first thought that comes to our minds is maybe - the right accessory, or the right party dress, or may be the perfect makeup and hairdo. But...hang on! Ever cared to give a thought to the right lingerie, a Bra in particular?
If not, then it's time for you to re-vise your style benchmark, as a wrong inner-wear can easily mar your trendy & quirky fashion wear.
Set's Your Mood to Fashion... Cloe Lingerie

A right bra, a bra that fits perfectly, sans any discomfort to your tender curves is not just a perfect style statement for the dress that you wear on it, it also adds a lot to your sense of freedom, and confidence. And, we realized something similar, when we tried Cloe Lingerie...
Yes, it's not a brand that's been around for a longish time you could imagine, and neither is this brand that's won any special awards for it's lovely creations, but it certainly is a brand that we would love to recommend. Don't worry, it's not a promotional feature, but we did our own level of try and test, and actually figured that out.
How? Keep reading...

The picture right next to this text will give you a clearer picture of what we are talking about. Cloe which is a newly launched women's lingerie brand, is not a shelf brand, but is totally an e-store concept, like any other e-commerce. Named as MoodsofCloe.com, the portal has some fabulous premium collection of lingeries - bras, panties, night-wears, to casual wears. We decided to try their inner-wear segment, as if that fits well, rest need is all assured.

While we had one of our readers to review this particular product that you see on the picture above, we are simply sharing her feedback on the same, as she didn't want to reveal her identity.

" Cloe bras impress you from the very beginning. It's packing is perfect, and comes to you in a lovely bright pink coloured box. Looking at the piece, you might feel that it's sort of a bridal range, but the fact it that it can easily be worn with your work-wear attires. I simply loved the way it fits, adding a sense of glam instantly. Even if you are a mom, who has breast-fed her baby, and you might have that feeling that 'my curves are gonna sag anytime now', post wearing this bra, you simply love to look at your curves once again. They are at right place, no tightness, despite the under-wired style. The soft push-up pads simple highlight your cleavage in a better way. And, that's exactly the time, when you just start looking for the right deep neck cocktail wear, or a sexy blouse for your party saree," she says.

Now that's a rave review, what say? You might feel like questioning that why to go for just this brand, when there are many other brands that can offer equal comfort, and fit? Well, we have seen the price tags of many other, right from the international brands to the local India players. This one slightly appeals to the general women's pocket. As it offers a premium quality fabric, in a completely reasonable price.
But that's our view to what we got and tried. It's always up to you try as per your requirements and style beliefs. What's important is to remember that the inner fashion should never be neglected, just because it's not visible. and, one important thing that you must try on their portal is the 'Fit Test' it's just awesome, and gives you the correct result!!

Time to make your mood for Cloe...

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