Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What's Your Jewellery Pick?

Once again we are back with something really interesting in our age-old series "Women at Their Creative Best". You might wonder why age-old? Well after all, we have featured quite a few talented women in this series for more than a year now! So, let's check who is next on this platform. Rather who are the next. Yes, this time we have two wonderful faces from the field of jewellery designing... One, the chirpy young Shruthi Pendyala, Owner, Quirky jewellery. The other, Chitra Manohar, Owner, Chitra's Jewel Art!

Quirky by Shruthi... Quite Chic!!
Let's begin with Quirky by Pendyala. "Growing up with women into fine arts (her mom & sister), it was quite natural to have the flair for designing. It all started when my cousin got me some beads, and I made a pair of earrings with them.  Since then, there has been no looking back. From my first small exhibition with 350 pair of earrings, today I hold exhibitions all over the country, sell through website, my social-networking, and via different stores," told Pendyala.
Lovely and yet inspiring! Though, we didn't get a chance to review her product, which is what we do with each and every brand, yet we found her collection innovative, and visually appealing. There is a mix of characters in her pieces. From beads to thread, you get to see everything...
Check the glimpse of her creation to your left. There is a perfect touch of elegance, and the floral pattern seem to be appealing women of all age, but precisely younger age group. " The name of my brand itself suggests something that's handcrafted and assures to drive you crazy. From feather to woo, button, lace, I work with varied materials. While I do believe in playing even with weird innovations, most of the women in India prefer to play safe," she says.
And, why not? Belonging to the city like Hyderabad, where women still give preference to the traditional jewellery, Pendyala still has been able to crave a niche successfully. " I feel there is a segment which is ready to experiment. also, my brand is just not limited to down south, women from all around are going for it," she sums.
So, with Quirky it's time for women to bring their crazy side best!!

Chitra's Jewel Art.. Truly Beautiful!!
Coming to our second wonderful creative best, Chitra's Jewel Art, Manohar's journey seems to have begun on the same not, like Pendyala. " I belong to the family of jewellers and so right from childhood, I have seen the designs taking shape in beautifully jewellery," tells Manohar. Though, it's a different case that she finally got into her own professional jewellry line in the late age, when she reached her 50's. Losing her first baby made her go absolutely conscious with the second one. She decided to spend her life in the upbringing of her kid, but as creative she was, the home chores couldn't stop her getting into her passion. she interestingly kept designing in forms of illustration, probably thinking would use them someday in her life. and, yes the moment did come. " I kept doing different stuff to keep myself busy, but finally 4 years back, I decided to get into jewellery making, and started giving shapes to my creations. Thanks to social networking, my work got immediate recognition, and I soon started catering to various parts of the country," she said.

Today, Manohar not just caters to the Indian audience, she also has a wonderful clientele in the US. Same like Pendyala, we haven't reviewed her jewellery too, but assume that the users have never faced any problems. " With my jewellery, I so far haven't heard about any such issues. Also, with me it takes time, so if women are ready to wait for at least a fortnight, I make jewellery as per their requirement,' she explained.
We finally asked if south India is an easy market for selling such modern, semi precious, beaded jewellery, to which Manohar says. " Of course not! My major buyers are from the other parts of the country. South India still is into traditional jewellery, they still prefer the gold pieces. But, the trends are changing, and at least the younger women are ready to experiment," she summed.

Whether the trends are changing or not, for you women out there, these lovely women are certainly taking great efforts to get something really creative for you...


  1. Wow!! I feel so proud to be featured here. Such a nice write up and exactly the way I had communicated. Hats off to you,Dr. Supriya Himanshu. A job well done.
    One also has to be passionate about one's work and mixed with commitment success surely knocks one's door. thanks once again
    Chitra Manohar

  2. I have bought Chitra's earring so many times and I absolutely love them.

  3. I have been following Chitra's jewel art and fascinated by the exquisite pieces of jewelry created by her in baffling variety and creativity.Little wonder her works of art are in great demand.
    Wish Chitra and Pendyala roaring success.You have done a good job in making them known through your site.

  4. I have bought Chitra's jewelry and must say she is a thorough professional. I had requested her for some special earrings and she came up with so many options. We communicated over mails & phone till we both were satisfied with the products. Not to mention, after a week I received a boxful of made to order earrings & neck-pieces.
    That's just one example.

    I have recommended her to many. I wish her all the success.

  5. Mridula and Nisha,
    i am so happy to see you comments. You have been always supportive and encouraging me a lot. I love your comments. You made my day.

  6. KP,that is a lovely comment. I am happy you are a good follower of my creations.


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