Tuesday, September 17, 2013

When Women Inspire Women...

Creativity has no boundaries, and some women prove that not just their own way, but also by taking inspiration from the wonderful women of the past. Something similar did veteran fashion designer Niki Mahajan, who recently showcased her Couture collection in the capital...

Model-turned Bollywood celebrity, Neha Dhupia...

If a woman's source of inspiration is another woman only, it's a clear indication, that the one must have been of some great importance, or had something really wonderful about her character. Let's hear it from Mahajan herself. " Indian history has always inspired me, but what is even more inspiring are the women who played a very important role in making the Indian history an affair to remember. And, one such amazing character has been - Begum Hazrat Mahal. A Courtesan by profession, Hazrat Mahal played a pivotal role in the rebel of 1857, although, she has never been talked about. But, for me she is a real source of inspiration, her strength, her domineering role as a woman, in that time of history, proves her a woman of substance. My entire collection, which is based entirely on her life basically depicts the various phases of her life," explained Mahajan. How interesting, isn't it?

It's more like, our designer has described the journey of a woman who actually stood her ground, when rest others simply fled. So, how exactly the couture collection depicts the life of a courtesan? Certainly in many ways, as Hazrat Mahal was not just a courtesan, but was actually accepted as the royal concubine, and later as a 'Begum' post becoming a mother... Sigh, what life women had then!!
Anyway,s let's come back to the collection, which is undoubtly stunning, and moreover has a strong connection with the present too!!

Mahajan told us that has couture line has five segments in this entire collection namely- Ecru-Birth, Jewel-Adolescence, Vermilion-Wedding, Vintage-Exile, Noir-Death, and each one has taken inspiration from a different phase of the life of the Begum, and intricately brought out the finer aspects of her life and her journey.

And, to know more about it, we actually visited Mahajan's design unit, before her show, just to get the actually feel of it. Though, we could just see the glimpse then, today we can say that her show was worth the glimpse. " I have been thinking of doing a couture show for quite some time, but it's just that as a designer, I wanted to showcase creations that can be of some historic value too. You see, this collection is certainly not for sale, it's close to my heart, and for me each piece has a museum value, and therefore, I'm going to keep them for my own little museum," told Mahajan. Wow! We wonder if women during the show thought of zeroing-in on certain pieces, what will the designer offer them. " Well, this certainly doesn't mean, women cannot aspire for it. You will see the adaptations of the same, in some form or the other. I will see to my clients requirement, and will adapt the pieces accordingly," she said.

What we Liked:
Each piece speaks a load about the craftsmanship that the designer has tried to project. Their is grandeur, elegance, opulence, and about all a touch of dominance in each dress. What you see on the ramp, or even on the piece is the glamour of Awadh!

Fact File:
Niki Mahajan's Couture line beautifully emphasizes the fine art of Badla and Mukaish . In the starting of the show she used white, ivory and pastel blues to depict Hazrat’s childhood and innocence. The latter half had a more somber mood that depicted the phase of her life when she rebelled, and then was exiled. At the end Mahajan used a lot black, which of course depicts sadness, as the end war near...

Mahajan has been successful in promoting such age old craft from the city of Lucknow, with a touch of contemporary style. " This is just the beginning, I would keep continuing creating lines where women are the centre of inspiration, summed Mahajan.

Well, what more AWSW wants...


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  2. I respect women prove that not just their own way.writing custom I like to read their stories. They inspire me a lot.


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