Tuesday, October 8, 2013

For the Love of Tea & Coffee...

For a busy woman, whether working or homemaker, sometimes the tea and coffee breaks make loads of difference. The recently concluded 1st edition of The Delhi Tea&Coffee Festival 2013, where in we associated as their official Online Media Partner was an interesting know-how of this fact.
Event's Inauguration by Belarus Ambassador... 

So, what was the event all about, and why do we want our women readers to pay attention to this? Well, it was an interesting concept brought in by Sonali Subudhi, from Address India, the Organizer, which was all about the well known and sort after hot beverages - Tea and Coffee...
As we all know that these two hot beverages are are a great way to rejuvenate ourselves when we are extremely busy, or are feeling extremely tired. But, what's even more interesting to know is that both on an individual level are huge industries, and India as a country is a major exporter of both tea and coffee globally!
Tea Tasting Session with Women entrepreneurs by Mittal Tea!!
But, we won't take you into this technical detail. It was a wonderful event, rather first of it's kind event in India, where the major players from tea and coffee industry participated. The first day was all about the interesting seminars in which the Directors from Tea Board of India, and Coffee Board of India participated. They not only shared the insight of the industrial facts and numbers, but also suggested on how to make the consumers aware of the basics of these two beautiful hot beverages.
What would interest you even more is the second day event, which was all about an interesting tea tasting session, exclusively done only for select women entrepreneurs from the capital!
It was a fun-filled afternoon, where the entrepreneurs from different fields marked their presence, along with the select media and bloggers...
Before we share the brief glimpse of the event, let's first shift our focus on the importance of these two hot beverages, and why especially they are relevant and important to women. Not because women are busy 24X7 and they desperately look forward to their tea and coffee breaks, but these beverages have certain elements that are really good for a woman's health.
Sonali Subudhi With Some of the She entrepreneurs...
The recent craze in the green tea segment, or the tulsi, ginger, mint tea, or even the newest white tea is all the indication that women are slowly but definitely reviving to the importance of this healthy hot drink. Also, as we know that tea is the second most consumed beverage all over the world after water, it is good to see that such initiatives will only make more and more women ware of this drink, and they would sure love to try, experience, and explore the flavours that the tea leaves have. While we are country that is majorly the Chai follower (Which means trying tea with milk) it's important to create more and more awareness for these beverages, especially tea that in the purest form only can be useful for health.
Beauty Expert Suparna Trikha
With Dr. Supriya Himanshu
Coming back to the event now, the get-together was all about women entrepreneurs, from the experts like Blossom Kochhar, to Suparna Trikha, to image consultants like Sanjeeta Bahl to cupcakes expert Nadia Suryakanth, the event had a wonderful mix of experts sipping the cuppas of their fave flavours. While beauty brand AVON joined this event as their Gift Partner for the event, Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj agreed to offer her complimentary hand massages to these women. Women were seen discussing their entrepreneurial journey with each other...
And, if you thought that we have given Coffee a miss, of course not. Coffee although, is still considered a luxury in our country. It's women from certain fields, like lifestyle, or celebrities who love coffee as their all time companion. The expert from brand Nestle during his speech agreed to the fact that women are still finding it hard just to take break for coffee.While people to love to meet each other over a cup of coffee at a Costa, or a CCD, or Starbucks, but when it comes to home, many still prefer their age-old chai culture!

But, we are quite sure that such events will sure bring some change soon, as there is a lot yet to be explored when it comes to the beauty and importance of these two lovely hot beverages...


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