Thursday, October 31, 2013

Refresh Just Before Celebrations!

Celebration series sans and beauty reviews is simply beyond imagination, and that's one of the reasons we decided to bring to you some of the recent beauty reviews that AWSW readers did for rest other readers this time...

So, this time we had some  lovely college going audience that decided to try some of the fresh personal and skincare product from brands like Fiama Di Wills & Nivea!

Check out what all they tried... The shower gels were tried by three girls of the same age group, but each one has liked the product for sifferent reasons.
Guntas Gambhir (IP College for Women, DU) tried Fiama Shower Gel: 
"The "Fiama shower gel" is really good. It leaves the skin soft after use unlike soaps. Also a small quantity is sufficient for the entire shower. And I loved the mild fragrance."
Sonali Pawar (VIPS, IP University): 
"Fiama shower gel" kept my body moisturized. I felt fresh even after hours after taking bath. I really liked the product.

Swarnpreet Kaur Tuli (VIPS, IP University): 
"Fiama shower gel" is really good for restoring freshness. It kept my body moisturized even though i have a dry skin. The scent of orange was subtle but not long lasting. A loofah was also given along with the shower gel which was of a good quality. It was soft and helped make a good amount of lather unlike other loofahs.

Now coming to Nivea sunscreens and facewash, read what these girls have to say...
Shreya Singh (Amity University, Delhi): The two beauty products I was given were: a "Nivea sunscreen and a Nivea face wash". Starting with sunscreen first, the base of the sunscreen made my skin a little oily though and the texture wasn't right but my skin felt safe and cool even in the sun. Being a college student my exposure to sunlight results in tanning and with the sunscreen I can confidently step out in the sun without the fear of uneven skin tones.
Sun Can Tan your Skin even in Winters...
Face wash, it is a perfect therapy to wash away the morning blues but after using it, it left my skin a little dry. Being a college student, I keep it in my bag as to the time I'm tired, I use it and feel fresh.

Manveen Kaur (VIPS, IP University): 
I loved the scent of "Nivea water lily shower gel" and it helped in keeping my skin fresh throughout the day. It is free from harmful chemicals and I liked the quality of the soap. I wish it could be made available in more quantity.

It's interesting to see different products can have different connotations to women of the same age group, and that's one of the reasons we love to invite our dear readers for the beauty product reviews, as this ways brands directly get connected to the consumers and get to know the geneuine feedback too!

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