Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What Says Your Handbag?

And, we are back to work after a week long break! Yes, vacations are a must-have in a busy woman's life, and so we were out to rejuvenate... But, our travel is not just about fun, it is also about some work, especially when it is all about trying a style product that can be a perfect add-on to your travel plans too!!
Look what we reviewed during this travel time? an interesting hand bag from Taiwanese brand - Mod'acc, which they candidly call as the "Brand for the youth"...
Comfort With Chic... Mod'acc Hand Bags

So, what's so special about this brand, especially when there is ample choice in the market for women to go for? Well, we have been reviewed various brands in past, and will be trying many more in future as well, but this is one brand that sure deserves a strong recommendation. For some very simple reasons.

Firstly, the colours are brilliant, and truly reflect their youth-centric policy. Secondly, the product is such that you can carry it during day time, and the same can also be carried for your evening party, straight from the work place. Additional, it is absolutely low maintenance product, which means, doesn't attract dust, since it's not leather, doesn't tear off even it it has been lying on a neglected corner of your house for days. (we have been using it for over a month now).

You might be wondering which is the style that we actually reviewed? then look at the picture below, and decide yourself, how simple yet chic it is!
Sling Style at Your Work-Station...

This one is from their 'Macarons' inspired collection. this means that all the colours are vibrant and cheerful with sheer comfort. 
We later connected Hank Yeh, Brand Director, Mod'acc, who is based out of Taiwan, and look what he has to share. " We have been in the market since 2009. Our collections are usually an inspiration from top fashion trends around the world. So yes, we are all occasion wear," says Yeh.

We wanted to know how are women especially the Indian women are taking the brand, as we don't get to see this brand in the retail stores. " They especially like our design style & love the confidence that they get instantly, when they carry a Mod’acc. Since the target age group is 18 to 35, the brand is more about independence. a lot of working women prefer this to be their office companion," he said. What we liked about his observation for the women is that "The qualities that our target audience posses is that that they are assertive, intelligent, outgoing and confident in their own abilities and tastes. They have their own conceptions of beauty," Now that's says all about the women of today's India!!

Fact File:
the brand is primarily into a very high quality PU(Polyurethane). This season, they have combined nylon & denim in LOHAS & DENIM Collection. Being a fashion brand that is easy on pocket, Mod'acc is not into Leather at all...

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