Tuesday, November 5, 2013

For a Beautiful Home!

Diwali might be over, but the festive spirit is still very much around and so is the shopping mania! So, if you thought that you might have missed out on some of the interesting items for your home sweet home, take a look at these newest one's, they are fresh, creative, and can easily fit in your day-today needs as well. You don't have to wait for festivals to shop for them... 
Beautiful Tea Set...

Re-furbish Your Kitchen With MasterKitchen

While the brand has been around for quite some time, we got to meet Vinti Goenka, Co-founder of the brand recently during the IMC Ladies Wing's Women Entrepreneur's Exhibition 2013 in the capital, where she gave us the detailed insight of the brand. "MasterKitchen is a concept that gets the best of brands, which are into kitchen items. Women today are looking for utility items that also have aesthetics and style. Also, our products are such that you don't need an occasion to celebrate, but they can easily be used as gifting options too," said Goenka.

13 Piece Cupcake Holder

We couldn't agree less as we decided to try some their products, especially this cupcake holder!
It's light, creative, and adds elegance to your dining table, be it of glass too. Seems as if the product has been designed keeping the Indian women in mind who not just want a variety in terms of food items on the menu, but also want to serve it the right way. So, if you are a mom, you will be delighted by this piece as your kiddo will be more than eager to invite his/her friends over a cupcake party at home...

What's Special?
The brand is adding some comfort to you pocket,as it is offering a discount of 500/- on purchase of 2500/- and above, which is valid till 15th November, so you can actually visit their website and add a novel product in your kitchen.

Now, this was all about kitchen, but then there are many other interesting areas in your home that need a little re-furbishing with something out of the box creativity. Furnishing for example, and the best way to do so, is going for Sarita Handa's newest collections.

Opulence in Furnishing
We got a chance to take a sneak peek into Handa's creative world when we visited her newly launched store in the capital recently. It's surreal, screams beauty from every nook of the store donned with so much elegance.
So, if you are thinking of going for something expensive for your bedroom, or your living room, in terms of furnishing, Sarita Handa is the name to go for.

You don't need to review her collections, as the moment you visit her store, be it the newest one or the already existing one's. you will find that each and every piece has a story to narrate, has a design element that is so very unique, and has a warmth that you would simply want to have it for your home sweet home. The only thing needed is a deeper pocket to enjoy Handa's collection. And, why not? After all, luxury always comes at a price...
Beautiful Pillows With runner
 And, if bedroom is not your call for the season, in terms of re-furbishing, then add some jazz to your living room with these lovely pillows and runners. You won't even feel the need of adding any collector's item at the corners of your living space, as Handa's collection will do the needful. We later spoke to Handa during her store launch about her passion for creativity. " It's been a long journey, from exports to retails, but because I have always believed in enjoying the textiles in the best possible way, I don't fine the journey exhausting. Indian weaves a and patterns are a visual delight, and if you have the taste for aesthetics, you would sure love to have such things for your home. It makes you feel cozy at the end of the day," said Handa.

Yes of course! You always want to come back to a home that's beautiful and if full of warmth... So, this festival season, just tweak a little bit here and there in your house, and see how beautifully it turns into a home!

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