Saturday, November 16, 2013

For the Foodie in You!

What can be the best thing to enjoy your weekend leisure? If you are thinking what we are, then yes, we are on the right track, which is - Food!!
Fun with food is best enjoyed when it's a weekend, and their are no work deadlines around. We checked out a few interesting places that would sure delight you for their creative and yum element...
Aromatic Minced Prawns With Lemongrass,
the Delicacies at Sampan

Sampan, The Sky Lounge

This is a place that offers gourmet delights each day of the week. So, it was pretty natural to experience the newly opened The Sky lounge at the Sampan, The Surya, in the capital.
Our contributor Taran Deep, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Paras Buildtech reviewed the place recently, let's read what she has to say about the place. " The place comes a s a pleasant surprise. Chef Rajesh, who crafted the menu showed us the various options available for each day of the week. Every day has a unique concept planned for the day. Mondays are dedicated to an exclusive menu under Tapas al fresco. Tuesdays are more of Chinese ‘Shanghai shao kao’. Wednesdays are sea food bonfire followed by clay pot delicacies on Thursdays. Fridays are more of interactive sessions and engagements of the chef with the guests . Saturdays are on the concept of fire and smoke with amazing dishes like smoked sardine, flamed artichoke, baked mushroom to name a few. Relaxing Sundays become sizzling Sundays with wok greens and steaks. There is enough options for vegetarians as well. All this reflects chef’s passion to showcase grilled meats and seafood prepared live at the grill in an ambiance open to sky and in a weather most suited for the season. However, I wish if the ambiance can be made better, like the horticulture can play a role and beautify the place especially when the food and music are likely to create a mood," she says.

Must try: Ask for a minestrone soup.Its with a difference with special herbs.

Dhaba by Claridges

This one is a latest launch, and is quite a quirky place for a dining out experience. We experienced it during it's launch event in the capital where the whose who of the city had a fun evening over some dhaba style savories and lovely music.
The Original Dhaba From The Claridges Hotel has now Come to a Mall!!
Dhaba, is the well-known restaurant at the plush hotel, The Claridges. But, the restaurant has expanded and now the food lovers in the city can enjoy the same ambiance and flavours of the food while shopping in a mall with it's new restaurant launch.
We loved the place in one go during our visit. What's more interesting in the interiors that is very creative. Tap style ceiling lamps, beautiful truck tyres wall installations with colourful paintings in it. and, above all the food which nails down the whole experience. It's delicious, served fresh and has the typical dhaba style.
all you need to do is, slip yourself in a casual street style outfit, with some vibrant colours touch ups, and you are all set to enjoy the place...

Must Try: The veg and non-veg galouti kababs are lip-smacking!!

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