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Fun-ful Fashion Styles...

It has been a busy Monday for AWSW since morning, like many other women out there. Whether you are an office-goer or stay-at-home, Mondays are always busy. While we believe in beautifying your busy Mondays each week, usually with our lovely Beauty features, we actually spent our last week less on beauty, and more on Fashion.
How? Well, with more and more brands setting their stores with the full winter collection, it was natural to visit the best ones', just to feel the trend, try their fits, and test their warmth. Dr. Supriya Himanshu, the Owner of AWSW reviewed the best of fashion brands - French Connection India (FCUK) and Calvin Klein India, let's hear the experiential in her own words...

Happily Flaunting FCUK, Top to Toe... Loved the Sling!!
"Fashion for a woman entrepreneur is not about chasing the trends dictated by the brands, but is more about what suits best to her profession, to her age, and above all to her body type. So, when I was invited for the review of such lovely brands FCUK and CK, I had some initial reluctance about them. The brands are synonymous to the younger audience and here I was, a mother of a 7-year-old, who happily flaunts her size 12. But, here comes the big "BUT"...

French connection Look!

I was so totally awed by their subtle styles, lovely fits, and some amazing size options. Let's take a look at FCUK collection options first!
Winter Coat at FCUK

Sexy Black Lace Dress
I was looking for pieces that can create a nice casual day look, and me the picture above finally found it after some easy trials. It's a myth when we say that premium brands have size issues. No, they certainly have some great sizes available at their store. That's a different thing if you are a Plus-size, since not every brand caters to the Plus size (Don't feel offended, as brands have tried that, but lesser sale has resulted in withdrawing such concepts)
OK, now coming back to what I tried. It was a snug fit winter top in wool, sequins, and cotton, which I combined with mid-waist light and stretchable denims. It was simply perfect, be it the fit, the comfort, or the chic element. To add more fun to that, I simply accessorized it with a lovely cocktail sling, and aviator style shades.
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What we Liked?

If you are not a dress or casual wear woman, FCUK has a lot of splendid clutches, slings and handbags, which are a perfect delight for any woman. We specially loved their black slings, they are spacious, stylish, and can go well with any attire!
For my second look, I simply continued with the same denims, and combined them with the elegant winter coat (pic above). It had a great warmth, and fit. Despite my size being 12, which is on the extra large side, It covered my bulging contour very smartly. That's the best thing about this brand, it accentuates your flaws the right way!
While Tee combined With Formal Jacket at CK
And lastly, this sexy black dress (pic above), which sure shouldn't be missed this season. Though, not my size and body type, I know that many of you out their would sure love to give it a try!!

Calvin Klein Look!

Let's shift our focus on CK collection now. Once again, it was a state of confusion the moment I stepped in at their store. There is so much of punk in CK style, and that instantly makes you feel, " Are you the right age for this brand?" But once again, I was wrong. While the choices here at this store are limited if you are on a bigger size, and in your early thirties, what strikes the most is the lovely play of colours and cuts. CK is a young brand, for women who don't mind experimenting something funky even at their workplace. I wanted to play safe, and so decided to go for a completely formal look, combining their formal and casual collection.
So in this picture what I tried was a hip-length winter coat in black, and the beautiful white tee with Calvin Klein written in front. It's a great combination to convert your casual day look into a formal one, that too in a jiffy!

The second look was on a vibrant side, with some interesting experimentation with the top. It was for the first time that I was going to try something in this vibrant a colour, take a look at the picture to your left. The body-hugging pullover, with extra long sleeves was a nice trial. It would be great to have a flay tummy to own such a pretty winter pullover in your wardrobe, but it can still very comfortably take care of some of your work driven flabs...
Stunning Collar Style and the
 Zipper Option!

What you like about CK as a brand is the international appeal. You don't have to struggle hard to find what suits you. If you are not the experiment types, chances are that you might not even want to spend 5 minutes in the store, but if you are the trend conscious-woman, you would sure want to own at least one piece from their latest winter collection.

It's fun to play with fashion, and it's even more exciting when you try something that you have always been reluctant to. For a woman like me who believes in trying different styles, these brands are a sure shot recommendations for this season. Especially, the jackets and the dresses...

What's Special?

This brand too has some fab fashion accessories like handbags, which are any woman's day-today need. The bigger bags come with a pouch bag, which is actually good, as you don't have to take out your clutch every time you are dealing with cash, the beautiful pouch can be easily tied along with these bigger bags.

We loved the subtle colour choices that CK is offering this season...

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