Monday, November 11, 2013

Go Green With Beauty!

Back to Monday blues? Well, we are here to add some beauty to your busy day. How? With some natural, hand-made and chemical-free beauty product review. And, this time it's an all new entrant in the field of natural cosmetic industry, named - Vért Fresh and Hand-made Cosmetics!!

Vért, A Must-have for Natural Beauty Believers!!
Yes, you must have seen it's commercial which was being flashed on our Website for the past few days, but this feature is a pure editorial. This is the same brand with whom we recently associated for the Women Entrepreneurs event that was held in the capital recently.

So what exactly is Vért? Originally a French word meaning something that's green in origin. The brand stands true to it's meaning as it's all about natural ingredients hand-picked by it's Owner - Anupama Malhotra. We interviewed this amazing young 'she' entrepreneur over a casual munch one fine afternoon just to know more about the brand and her entrepreneurial journey. " I've part of beauty industry for more than a decade now. It's just that first I was working for a beauty brand, today I have my own. It was a well-planned move as I could see visible gaps int he industry in terms of consumer requirements and what the brands were offering, and the over all dissatisfaction towards the same. Vért is natural and hand-made brand, and I personally look after it's whole R&D, formulations and packaging. We don't claim to be 100 % natural, which is just not possible as you need at least 1 or 2 % of chemicals to make the product work. So, you can say that we are 97 to 98 % natural," said Malhotra.
Cleansing That's Lather-free!!
That's a very interesting thing to know about an entrepreneur who herself is taking care not just of the brand, but even the formulation and product developing. She got us some of these products for the review, which we simply loved to try and test. The first one was Almond Powder face cleanser. It's quite an unusual one, as it doesn't give any lather, yet cleanses your face leaving behind a lovely fragrance and smooth skin. Though, if you are the face wash types, this product will sure not delight you, as it's different in it's own special way!
" We have a good product range by now. From personal care like hand-made bathing soaps with some amazing fragrances to scrubs that are so fresh that need to use then in the limited time period only. In skincare we have body lotions, face cleansers, masks, body butters, just to name a few. They all are not just meant for adults, but you can use them on your kids as well, added Malhotra.
This Scrub is Edible too...

We couldn't disagree, especially after reviewing the Vanilla Creme Lip scrub. It's just awesome. with such a fresh fragrance, it clears the dead skin layer on your chapped lips, leaving behind smooth, ready-to-smooch lips! What's even more interesting is that the ingredients are so much natural that even it goes in your mouth while scrubbing, no harm as it's very much edible... Wow!!

Anupama has come up with a great concept, and considering how she herself in involved in each and every product range, right from the research, to it's development to it's final packaging, it's amazing!!
A Must-have Soap in Your Personal Care Kit!!
And the last one that we tried were lovely hand-made Rose & Milk soap (Pic is different) and the Pomegranate body lotion. The soap is a complete feel-good factor on your body, especially those dry petals, But, not many would be convinced with the petal feel, especially if you are trying it on your kiddo. Overall, it leaves your skin moisturized and the fragrance lasts for a few good hours (though, you wish if it could last longer). Coming to the body lotion, it again has a wonderful fragrance (considering it's natural ingredients) but is a little sticky while you are applying. Though, the stickiness disappears once you are done with the application. Overall, it is a good product, sans the stickiness!!

Vért is a brand that deserves to be in the beauty kitty of all those women who truly believe in trying product that assure care and pampering in the true sense. And, we are quite sure that our readers out there are soon going to explore their beauty call via a true Indian brand!!

What's Interesting?
The brand is soon going to launch it's 100 % lick-able and kissable colour cosmetic range... And, we are so looking forward to it!!

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