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Choosing Precious Platinum? Here’s Why...

Women and their love for jewellery is never-ending. Be it the season of festivals, or the season of weddings, it’s always the jewellery that’s the key element in a woman’s life. And why not, after all, we have a strong connect with the pieces that we own. And today, the trends have changed as women are finding a beautiful connect with this new precious metal – Platinum!!
IRAJA, an Iconic Platinum Necklace by Ganjam! A necklace that is a cascade of platinum and diamonds...This water-inspired piece evokes the spirit of India, where the cultures, beliefs and lives of the people are bound together by the rivers that flow through the sub-continent. The name itself comes from the ancient Sanskrit meaning “born of water”
You have probably walked by the platinum jewellery counter in your favourite jewellery store many a times, and have been captivated with the exquisite platinum designs and immediately coveted a piece for yourself. It’s actually hard to resist the pure white lustre of platinum that seems to emanate from deep within. Once it catches your eye, you instinctively know that this is a metal that is worth owning and treasuring. Yes, platinum jewellery is not just a must-have for a woman who loves to have the best that jewellery has to offer; it’s also jewellery that is neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride!
But then what makes platinum a metal apart from all others? What makes it so distinct that it has been the jewellery metal “to be seen in” with celebs and royalty the world over? Let’s peek-e-boo in its history…


From times immemorial to adorning the princesses and pop divas – the story of platinum, the so-called “new metal” is much longer than one can imagine. It is only fitting, that a metal as special as this speaks of an extraordinary origin. Platinum entered our world with the first meteorites that showered on earth two billion years ago!! And continues to charm our world with its sheer magnificence!! 
Platinum, the Metal of Kings! Maharaja of Patiala - a collector of jewellery 
declares platinum as the one and only choice for Royal Jewels...
Women have been mesmerized by the qualities of this rare and precious metal for centuries. From ancient Egypt to red carpet premiers in Hollywood to the fashion capitals of the world, platinum has been on the wish list of discerning individuals the world over. 

And, since we are taking about the history of this lovely metal, who doesn’t know the legend of the Koh-i-Noor on the British Imperial Crown? The Maharaja of Patiala Cartier Necklace? But how many of you actually know that these legendary jewellery pieces were set in platinum?  Now that’s a beautiful historical connect…
The metal has been legendary, and probably that’s one of the reasons why even the royals felt the soulful connect with this astonishing metal. Platinum has enjoyed its association with members of royalty as well. From the English monarch Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson to rock and roll legend Elvis Presley and his wife Priscilla, and even Hollywood star couples like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have all exchanged wedding bands that were made of platinum. Yes, when it comes to love and expression of this tender feeling, it’s only Platinum jewellery that can have a beautiful association. For a simple reason, it’s subtle, it’s elegant, and above all it’s sophisticated!

Actor Ayushmann Khurana & Wife Tahira Celebrate Their Platinum Day of Love,
Sharing Love Bands, Endless Love Collection by Ranka Jewellers!
But there are more than enough reasons attached to this rare and eternal metal, take a look…


This metal is naturally white and does not fade or tarnish with time. It shares a perfect bond with any precious stone, and that’s one of the reasons why it is a jeweller’s delight. Whether it’s a simple band or meticulously crafted jewel-encrusted ring, platinum is one of the most secure metals for your precious stones. And, if you thought that like gold this too scratches, but sans any loss of the metal. Platinum’s innate strength ensures that your most memorable platinum jewellery can be handed down from generation to generation as heirloom pieces.  Imagine the feel of a mother who is passing it on to her daughter or daughter-in-law to make the piece to be cherished forever. Wow!
Platinum Pendant From 2013 Collection!


When it comes to the intricate designing, it’s Platinum once again that takes the front seat. From Fabergé to Cartier, the world’s greatest jewellery designers have always preferred working with platinum. Its remarkable pliability allows it to be drawn out to a fine wire, and enables the creation of the most intricate and breath-taking designs.
Stunning Earrings in Platinum


Yes, this is one remarkable quality of this lovable metal that makes it stand apart. Imagine a wedding that’s such a pious feel, and the bride wearing such serene jewellery that’s shining amid all the lustrous bridal wear.
And, since it has a pure white sheen, it makes it ideal for off-setting the brilliance of diamonds. In terms of purity, platinum jewellery is 95% pure, as compared to 18k gold which is 75% pure. Platinum jewellery does not fade or tarnish and keeps its natural white colour for a lifetime. Platinum is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for people with a sensitive skin.


Love Bonds with Purity Hallmark Assurance...
This is one metal that has not just enjoyed the applaud of the glamour world, but of the Oscars too! Haven’t you noticed the celebrities wearing their stunning statement pieces all in pure Platinum? The metal is so chic, it has the entire fun element that makes it even the celebrities delight. No wonder, it must be giving a hard time even to fashion designers to make a piece that’s at par to Platinum.

Be Assured with Platinum

Now this is one very important element that we must talk about. In order to assure consumers of the purity of platinum jewellery across authorized retail outlets, Platinum Guild India Pvt. Ltd has appointed Underwriters 

Laboratories (UL Inc, USA) to audit and monitor its Quality Assurance Scheme. Under this scheme, all authentic platinum jewellery in India comes with a Quality Assurance Card and bears the purity hallmark of “Pt 950” stamped inside the piece.

This also serves as an assurance of a ‘buy back’ programme.
Now you know that there is more to platinum than those stunning designs. It truly is a metal worth its price as what it gives back to the wearer is far more valuable. 

For further details, and to check out the latest designs and locate the platinum authorized retailer, log on to!

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