Friday, November 1, 2013

Sparkle with Festive Fashion!

If festivals are about celebrations, then they are also about loads of shopping! Though, the recession is making even a shopaholic go really careful, the craze for the ethnic wear, especially during Diwali time is still very much around. And, we realized this when W for Woman celebrated the #FestiveSparkle recently in the capital!
Beautiful Festival Collection at W for Woman Store...
 It was a fun afternoon at one of their stores in Delhi, where a lot of fashion and lifestyle bloggers, along with some stylist reviewed their new collection. It was way way more refreshing, beautiful, colourful, and splendid as compared to their monsoon one!
The colour palette of this festival pieces was exactly as per an Indian woman's requirement. From reds, to blues, to bright pinks, to some lovely blacks, with a subtle hint of golden and silver, the collection had everything. We simply loved each and every piece. It was actually difficult to zero-in on any once piece as a recommendation to our readers...
Bloggers Enjoying @W Store

What was even more interesting was the brands Goodies that they offered to the guests. It was a beautiful bag in floral that had cute little things to cherish. From a wrist band, to a fine cotton store, to some lovely winter jacket, and about all some amazing gift vouchers, the brand literally pampered their blogger guests like anything!
Fun-time with some Yum Food!
Now, if you are wondering that the feature is their promotion just because they spoilt us for choices, then you really need to give it a second thought. Yes, you tend to appreciate
someone when you are treated specially, and that's absolutely natural, but here we are talking about the newest collection from the brand, which undoubtly deserves compliments, as there is creation, there is technique, there is finish, and there is a happy festive feel with each piece.
And, how can the event end up sans food. We had a great time and enjoyed their yum snacks, over some playtime with games like Jenga, just to name...

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