Thursday, November 7, 2013

Travel Trendily...

Travelling is an interesting part of our lives, especially those travel that are decided at the drop of a hat to some scenic destinations. We have features some such amazing places on AWSW, but this time we decided to travel for a different reason all together, and we realized that travel can be even more fun when the luggage that you are carrying along is chic and stylish too!!
Women Love to Travel in Style... Pic Courtesy: Dreamstime

Delsey Luggage is Not Just Trendy, It's Equally Sturdy!!
So, when was the last time you travelled to an exotic locale with a trendy sky-bag, all in bright purple colour? Chances are that you might start pondering as most of us are used to travelling with luggage that's sturdy, beige or black in colour, can stand the filthiness of Indian Railways (You know what we mean), and can even handle the rough and tough treatment at any domestic airport in India. To a large extent this preference of luggage makes sense, but what if you have a beautiful option names -Delsey is there to go for?

This is a creative French luggage brand, with a little premium price point that offers not just chic travel bags like sky-bags, shoulder bags for example, but also has a craftsmanship that reflects the sturdiness of the product. (
A Must-Have for Women on go!!

Keeping the Indian woman's requirement, we decided to review the product. We decided to give it a try in the Indian Railways (Most of the Indians travel by train). It makes you look stand out of the crowd immediately. It's easy to lift, has superb wheel rotation, which are ideal for an air travel, and the size is neither big nor small, actually perfect for a solo 'she' traveller!

The second one that we tried was this shoulder bag. This is pretty easy to carry, though doesn't act like your chic Hidesign or Da Milano bag, but is the right choice when you are travelling with a kiddo. So, we would recommend this to mums who travel with their kids all by their own. From your

office essentials, to beauty essentials, to your kids stationery, it can fit in all these things with complete ease. Don't worry, it doesn't even look bulkier. Check this out that we clicked while we were travelling in the Indian Railways.

Delsey travel bags are certainly a wonderful add on to your travel related shopping list, and they make a perfect fashion statement if you are a frequent air traveller. Though, the price point may pinch you a bit initially, if you are comparing it with other mass players in the market. But, for women who love playing with colours and styles, the brand sure is the call...

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