Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Truth About Hair Colours...

We all experiment with our looks in some way or the other. Some experiment with make up, while others with hair styles, or cuts. But how often you actually play with your hair colour? Chances are that many of us might have really played safe so far in terms of colouring the hair. With brands projecting their product as ammonia-free, you tend to feel that the product is worth giving a try, but eventually end up with the regular coloured hair issues. But, we decided to try Wella India, a popular hair colour brand who has been running an interesting campaign for quite some time, which is "Ammonia free is not damage free"
What's Your Hair Colour of the Season? Wella has Some Stunning shades to go for...
So, if you thought that a hair colour brand that claims that it's products are ammonia-free, which means without harsh chemicals, will leave your hair protected, you were actually wrong. " It largely depends on the concentration of the alkalizer (ammonia) and on the basis on the same we can say whether the product is good or bad. A lot of women tend to assume that ammonia free means the product is natural, which is not a fact. Ammonia is not a vamp, it in fact keeps your coloured hair look healthy with increased conditioning," said Maria Castan, Global Senior Scientist, Wella, Hair Color, Care & Styling during her trip to India!
Maria Castan with Shraddha Kapoor in the Capital
During the Launch of Their Campaign!

After listening to this interesting fact finding, we decided to give Wella's claim a try. Read what Dr. Supriya Himanshu has to say about her experience with Wella India. " I had tried L'Oreal's ammonia-free colour range, which had a long lasting impression on my hair for a long time. This time, I went for Wella global hair colour (2 tones down from the actual colour) along with subtle blonde highlights (all over). It was a wonderful experience at their studio in the capital, which is basically is an academy that trains the hair experts from the salons. It was a 4 to 5 hours long ritual that included global colouring and highlights, followed by hair styling. This was for the first time I was trying blonde shades, but the expert at the studio told me that the shade for sure will suit my skin tone and profession. And, he was right! My hair got a new definition post this lovely treatment. The blonde shade was so subtle that I felt like loving my tresses all over again. What's good about Wella colours is that there are no after precautions, it's just the right shampoo and conditioning followed by Velvet Amplifier product. It's been more than a fortnight now, and I still find the same luster, colour tone and strength in my hair. I strongly recommend Wella to all those women who yet have to let their hair go wild!" she says.

Colouring is all about making choices about your overall look. A coloured hair is not an indication that you are a revolutionary, it's just a beautiful expression that tell how much you care for your curls, the best possible way!!

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