Saturday, December 21, 2013

Beautiful Beginnings with Platinum

With everybody gearing up for X’Mas and New Year celebrations with each passing day, we are quite sure that your gifting ideas, and list must be well in place by now. While the former celebration is more to do with chocolates, flowers and cakes, the later one is more about some intimate gifting to the loved ones’ to make the New Year beginning a memorable one.

So, if you are planning to surprise your love this New Year, what can be better than precious and eternal Platinum jewellery? Wondering why? Well, we have ample reasons to get platinum jewellery on your gift list this time …

Platinum is Everlasting

Not just the metal is rarest; it is a possession that will stay with you eternity! Be it an everyday wear, or D-Day wear, Platinum jewellery is a sheer delight, the chic and elegant designs, go well with any attire, and above all makes you feel really special. 
Read what Gunjan Suri, Head Designer, Shrenuj & Co., a leading designer of platinum jewellery, says, “Consumers are moving towards sentimental and personalized jewellery. The more discreet, everyday pieces of jewellery that often hold a personal value and promote a feeling of understated sophistication. They seek reassurance from the items they buy, recognize value and signs of quality. However, they are also looking to express their individuality through unusual designs."

She further adds, " The platinum jewellery range is an answer to this with classic, unique designs that appeals to today’s generation. Each piece from the beautifully crafted platinum range is an eternal token of love! Perfect to celebrate any beautiful occasion.”
So, this New Year, you can go for the beautiful love bands. What can be more romantic than celebrating your first day of the year with Platinum?

The Perfect Gift

Nothing can beat platinum when it comes to gifting! After all, its stands for love and care, and the easiest way to woo your lady love. A woman’s heart lies in delicate and symbolic expressions, and when you are gifting her with this stunning metal, chances are that you already have won heart, without uttering a single word. Platinum sure is more than enough to bring that beautiful smile on the very first day of the year! With choices unlimited, platinum range includes earrings, pendants and chains, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and rings...

Say Happy New Year with Platinum

When was the last time you actually celebrated the New Year, midst the shine of a stunning and precious metal? Chances are… never! Make 2014 the year of your platinum celebration. Be it with the Love bands, or with a simple yet elegant pendant, or earrings. It’s time to surprise your partner with platinum.

While these are just a few novel ideas and reasons that we just shared with you to go ahead with your platinum decision as the right gifting option for this year’s celebrations, you can make your day memorable with a lot of other add ons to this. 

How about a candle-lit dinner? Think about it…


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