Monday, December 30, 2013

For a Healthier 2014!

It's the new week and the last Monday of the year. While many of you are busy with your party plans, over some drinks, there are women who are thinking of the New Year resolutions. This feature is sure for the later ones, especially for those who want to make a healthier resolution this 2014...

Oats Rice Dish....
We understand that women globally lead a stressed lifestyle, be it working or homemaker. And, that's one of the reasons why sometimes the resolutions work wonders for some of you, as it inspires you for the whole year. So, how about starting your 2014 with the healthy food, Oats for example. Bagrry's, a brand known for wholesome and nutritious breakfast cereals recently launched Oats for India campaign that's all about traditional Indian breakfast and luncheons made of 100% natural oats. 
Oats Upma...

"We have been in the field for quite some time, it's just that we are now introducing variety of oats that can be prepared in the authentic Indian styles. the grain undoubtedly is a boon or women. And, since Indian prefer the traditional breakfast as compared to porridge, we decided to add these interesting products in our family of healthy food," said Aditya Bagri, VP marketing for Bagrry’s during the event.
So, how can oats help you in your healthy resolution? Well, this super grain helps manage weight and is rich in beta glucan, a form of soluble fibre, which helps reduce cholesterol. You can actually have a fit New Year this time...

Healthy & Yum!
We also spoke to Dietitian Dr. Ritika Samaddar during the event about the health benefits, especially for women. "  the grain has multi benefits for women, like Ligans, in oats have been seen to reduce risk of breast cancer. It's high on proteins, so good for women during pregnancy. I make sure to offer oats to my kids each morning in different forms. All I can say is that it's a perfect food for a slimmer you," she summed. 

What's interesting is that the brand has some really good variety, and we realized this when we actually reviewed some of their products from the newest range. Oats Poha is sure a delight, and is amazingly healthy. It tastes the same, and you feel lighter. While Oats Upma is healthy for sure, but for those who have been used to the traditional texture and taste, it won't be an easy game!
And, if you are wondering that the brand is only offering recipes on the spicier side, Muesli comes to your rescue. Look at the picture (on right), it looks yum and healthy both!

So, do go ahead with your healthier New Year resolution plan, before you step out to party this week!!

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