Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Glorious Platinum, & It’s Know-How

Our series on Platinum jewellery has so far been about the history of this luxe metal, and the trends that are the flavour of the season. But we know that for many women out there Platinum jewellery may be the first time experience. So, if you are one of them, then this feature which is all about the unknown facts of platinum will sure come as a pleasant surprise for you! 

Platinum jewellery is sure not a recent rage, but has been in the jewel box of our ancestors for centuries. It’s just that certain metals, gold for example took the front seat in the recent years because of their easy availability, and market worth that precious platinum simply turned into the royal’s choice. Well, but that sure ain’t a fact. And, you will get to know about this in the next few paras! 

A Rarest Metal 

So, how often you wonder why the other lesser beautiful metals are all over, at ever corner of the world wooing the lovely women with their golden charm? The reason is simple, if precious stones like pink diamonds or even jadeite are not easily available, same goes for Platinum. It’s a beautiful metal that is 30 times rarer than gold, which means that you would own something that very few women would own!

Pure & Pious

What can be purest when it comes to metal? If you thought what you have been using for ages is the purest, time to get the facts correct! It’s only platinum that is the purest jewellery metal available, and thus the jewellery made out of it is also pure and therefore, pious. Yes, the amount of platinum used is usually 95 % and 5 % is alloy, but that is only to strengthen it to hold delicate diamonds properly.

Value for money

This is one thing that an average consumer is concerned about, be it jewellery shopping or investment. So if you thought that spending on platinum jewellery will not prove to be a wise investment, you will be surprised to know that it is the only metal that assures the right value for money. How? Since it’s 95% pure, you are getting more metal as compared to any other. Secondly, it loses very little metal in daily wear and tear, your jewellery still remains intact in it’s purest form!

Treat it Specially 

Since it is a rare metal, why not take care of the same in the best possible way? Well, we don’t mean to say that platinum demands a special attention when it comes to care, all we mean is treat the jewellery specially too. Since all metals scratch, it is always better to keep your pieces in separate jewel boxes. No need to remind that the jewellery shouldn't be cleansed by using detergents, or even mild soaps. Though, it doesn't get spoilt so easily, it would be recommended to take it to your store only for polishing, only if needed badly…

Platinum versus Other Metals 

This metal has such stunning qualities, that you simply can’t help but confidently compare it to any other metal. While white is it’s natural sheen, other metals need to work hard to get the pure white, which means, that jewellers tend to add alloys like nickel, or dip in rhodium to get the colour. While silver is white by nature, it’s only 92.5 % pure! Additional, it can never lead to any allergies being pure. We loved the fact that when it comes to losing metal because of scratching, it is only platinum jewellery that looses very letter, because of its density.
So, we can blindly say that platinum is the only metal that can glorify your jewellery box for years to come…

Facts on Platinum

· A 6 inch cube of platinum weighs the same as an average man

· If you put all the platinum that has ever been mined in an Olympic swimming pool it would just cover your ankles (gold would fill over 3 pools)

· 80% of the world’s platinum is mined in South Africa

· 1 in 5 industrial processes involves platinum 

· King Louis XVI of France declared in 1780 that platinum was the only metal fit for kings

· Platinum occurs as only 0.003 parts per billion of the Earth’s crust making it 30 times rarer than gold

· It takes 10 tons of ore and a five month process to make one ounce of platinum

· A 6 cm cube of platinum could be drawn into a wire long enough to wrap around the circumference of the earth

· 1 gram of platinum can be drawn into a wire 2km long

.... Simply Wow, what say??

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