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Revive With Tibetan Therapy...

With wellness, like day spas becoming part of your daily lifestyle, it's important for us to connect you with the wellness trends that the country is witnessing these days. While India is known for it's signature Ayurvedic therapies worldwide, there are a lot of international signature treatments that are coming to our close vicinity every now and then. And, this time our contributor Taran Deep, General Manager, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Paras Buildtech decided to experience one such interesting signature therapy called Kunye, at the beautiful Alaya Spa in the capital...
Kunye, a Traditional Tibetan Therapy Focuses on the Specific Points of Body...
" I was invited by Alaya Spa and Salon, the brainchild of Mr. GyurmeTenzing, to experience it's much talked about Signature spa service - Kunye. It's a traditional Tibetan therapy (Pronounced "Coon-Yee"). I was not much aware of the science behind Tibetan Messages, though, they have been practiced for thousands of years in Tibet, and the Himalayan region of Asia, as an integral part of Tibetan medicine.  With a craving to know more about it, I reached their signature store at Saket, where I was directly taken to the therapy room, which was more like a mini suite in itself with steam and shower room included. In a Kunye treatment, the practitioner focuses on specific points on the body which correspond to different constitutions or the nature of illnesses. In Tibetan language, the word Ku means to apply oil and Nye means to apply pressure with a variety of movements. The specialty of the therapy is the use of natural products such as butter, sesame, olive, and sandalwood oil as massage lotion. I realized that it is an excellent way to relax and promote general health and well-being. Overall, I had a rejuvenating experience," she sums.

The Couples' Suite at Alaya Spa!
What I Liked
On being asked, I was told that the meaning of Alaya is the eighth consciousness, or the final state of the mind before it attains nirvana. The spa is an organic day spa & salon with a contemporary Tibetan-Buddhism ambiance, designed to be sanctuaries for the inner self. The focus here is the skilled therapists. I liked their extensive menu and attractively priced packages. A must visit for an experience! 

What I Observed
I wish the therapist would have checked if I was suffering from any allergies or not which one feels is becoming very important. Also, as a total experience, after the therapy, the guests should be offered herbal tea as a part of the procedures.

Benefits of This Therapy
For centuries this therapy has been offered to relax the stiff and tightened tissues of the body. The therapy is all about use of specific herbal oils for and work on specific points for mobilizing the tissues of joints and warming the body. This ultimately helps balance the elements of the body, relax tensions, ease pain, and revitalize the energy apart from increasing the blood circulation.


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