Thursday, December 5, 2013

Sound Sleep in Style!

A good night sleep is a direct indication to a fresh and energetic next day. And when the season is winters, all you need is a cozy bed to cuddle for long. But a good night sleep is no easy game, especially for women who are seriously busy 24X7, be it work at home or work at office. And usually because of this fatigue, they often end up going to their cozy beds in any casual attire. If you thought that your sleepwear has nothing to do with a goodnight sleep, this feature will sure help you re-think, and re-boot your casual thoughts!
A Must-have Speelwear!
Perfect for Winters...

Gingerlilly , a premium Slepwear brand from Australia, which has recently forayed in the Indian market is all about offering you a sound sleep, not via any sleeping pill, but with it's luxe, super-soothing and stylish sleepwear attires. Looking at the pictures you can make out the feel of the sleepwear. What we especially liked is the fact that the brand has been brought in India by a woman herself, who can actually relate to the busy schedule of any women. Megha Taluja Puri, the Owner of the brand in India, is a young woman entrepreneur, who herself believes in style, be it your day wear, or night. We met her one fine afternoon in the capital recently, over a lovely luncheon, hosted by - where she had actually displayed her winter collection for some select women from the socialite and fashion field. 

Megha Taluja Puri With her Collection!
" A woman doesn't have to be fashion conscious when she goes off to bed, but that also doesn't mean that you should simply slip into anything that's there at your home. A comfortable sleepwear has a lot to do with your sound sleep. That's one of the reasons why I liked Gingerlilly. the brand plays a lot with texture, which is from baby cotton to chic satin. It's so smooth and silky that once you wear it and go to sleep, all you know is that you woke up in morning with some great energy," said Puri.
Listening to this we decided to give it a try! We told Puri that we would sure want to review any one of the pieces from the latest winter collection that she would personally recommend to any busy woman, and that's her personal fave too...

And, this is what we tried (left pic). This is a two piece nightwear with casual and comfy PJs that have a nice satin ribbon for the adjustments, and a delicate elastic at the back side. the PJ's are beautifully combined with a lapel collar top with full sleeves. It's a perfectly quick wear, and instantly makes you realize that what you are wearing is something really special. Not because of the price, of course because of it's feel. It's like you are pampering your body before finally getting into the dream world.
We loved every inch of it. Be it the texture, the print, the fit, the finish, the design element, and above all the colour, everything about the brand is actually beautiful and elegant. 
Yes, no denying that price wise, you might find it a little on the premium side (5200/- for this piece) but then, why to only spend on a sleepwear only if you are a bride-to-be, or only when you are travelling. We strongly feel that women shouldn't compromise when it comes to sleepwear, as it's only the goodnight sleep that can make then gear up for the next day's mundane tasks!!

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